The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


Aha I missed that. Of course the domain may have changed hands in the intervening 2 months but it does seem unlikely.


True. Its still fun to speculate :wink:

Lets pretend we are profilers:

Given what we know so far we might guess that: its a male, likely in his 40’s (police concert), married with kids (buggy), sporty
(horsey stuff), educated (technically adept).

Surely this man must read the pin!


FF type , business for suckers, will sell your stuff on ebay for a fee. and does his best to cover his tracks.


Ding ding ding. We have a winner. An eagle-eyed pinster PMed me the link below, found using google image serach for … 2056671327


this has been out for 2 months already???


Looking at yer mans boards posts and guess the car he drives…


He has a few active “for sale” ads on


Right first time there evilal - I live around there and checked out the IP address/WHOIS info … ost5668991


The only name I can think of from FF who is very good at the internet would be none other than the former advisor to the former minister for europe Coque Roche, whats his anme on twitter skearin ??


OK, with a lot of help from another pinster… the whois record for is privacy protected. But, before July, it was not. It was registered to an Eddy Carroll. There is an Eddy Carroll who is an FF supporter according to some googling.

Edit: blanked out a residential address


wow, he got strung by his own trap he used to snare andrews.

he walks into the internet cafe with andrews sitting there and andrews doesnt recognise him??? he must be well up in that organisation.



Account now deleted.


TOR! Use it. It’s not rocket science. Clean install of your OS of choice on a bootable USB stick and Bob’s your uncle.


Of course there is no better way to attract the attention of major intelligence services than to use Tor. You should also assume that they can decrypt Tor traffic.

So it just depends who you’re hiding from :slight_smile:


Tor is a Hebrew word for ‘door’ :angry:


nice work team :nin


Confirmed by the Indo … 02402.html


Im not sure that anything is confirmed by the indo

Im at a loss to why all these FF guys on sitting down looking at random twitter tweets all day… don’t they have something to do all day… maybe not i guess…


I’m glad her husband as defended her integrity. She seems to be one of the new wave of honest Fianna Failers who will make a clean break with the corrupt past. :smiley: