The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


Evilal. I think I might love you. Lets start a security company, or a spying company. Same thing I suppose.


Eddy Carroll - seem to be good at the aul computher stuff.

A geek:
An entrepreneur:

Presume this is the chap in question. Apologies if this is a repost but I didn’t see these details in the thread.


We would need good nicknames.

Edit: in fairness another pinster did a lot of the work on the ID but prefers to remain masked behind a veil of secrecy.


:laughing: God that’s hilarious. I love the interweb.


Our next project? :smiling_imp:



‘The Outing of Eddy Carroll’

Kudos man !

Who will be your Watson or your Boswell on the rest of your jolly adventures ?


I want to click the link but… :nin :laughing:


That’s some damn fine police work there evilal


Nice one Evilal
I even fell for clicking on the link :wink:


Chris in better times


Then there’s the Dylan song:

“The Lonesome Depth of Eddy Carroll”


Chris Andrews joining Sinn Fein according to the Phoenix … 55557.html

#113 … 56847.html

Conor Lenihan the sage


Do Asians eat kebabs?


Fair dues to him for holding onto that gig for so long! Hanging around with Russian oligarchs gotta be risky.

Maybe we underestimated Fredo. Well our loss… :smiley:


Well, be the hokey.

Hindsight is the foresight of a gobshite. You had had your shot and could have been a contender. Now bugger off.


Yippee,were saved Mary Hanafin is coming back to save us… … 0-Apr2014/


It’s times like these I wish I could so easily believe in the mantra of the “survival of the fittest”, perhaps if we tag “parasites” to the end of that statement of dogma, it might have more applicable meaning in our lives and pose some use.

Survival of the fittest parasites.


I wonder has anyone ever told hanafin what they really think of her, sometimes we are far too polite

she is the female version of martin cullen, the two of them make my skin crawl and my blood boil

maybe her return is a good thing it will show that FF are still the same