The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


This might have a silver lining.

She obviously hates Mickey Martin, we need to get the old gang together to treat each other apart from the inside. I for one would love the opportunity not to vote for Hannifan or sweary Mary or any of the wanker again.


You have it exactly OW… there are millions of species of insects, you shake a tree in the Amazon & you’ll find another species no one has ever seen before. Mammals, i.e us warm blooded creatures, on the other hand are a small group, & if you narrow it down to primates, the ones who raise our planet above 99.9999999999999999999% of all the other Class-M planets they are an even smaller group.

The problem is that the only real way to destroy these parasites is to deny them an environment to survive in, & burning of an few thousand hectares of forest is a damn site easier than removing the culture of parish pump politics & graft from the Dail !

DDT for the Berties of this world; that’s what we need ! :nin


Saw a Mary Fitzpatrick (FF euro election candidate I assume) poster how she is having a meeting about how Europe can help with our cost of living and high rents

It’s mind boggling stuff … ng-crisis/

A woman was giving out Mary Fitzpatrick leaflets too in town and crying out at the top of her voice
“A Dublin girl for Dublin” repeatedly

A politician’s daughter, what a nice change!

A bit hard on pet rabbit given her own leaflet distributors call her “a girl.”


Cockles or Brussels alive alive o!
Or the Floozie in the Jacuzzzi?
A tough choice for voters

#125 … -1.1803637

Weren’t Offaly people faithful to the crown?

(and someone call Gok Wan, STAT!)


Remember the ole ‘spot the ball’ competitions during the 80’s ?

Perhaps we should update this into a ‘place the grenade for maximum effect’ competition.


I always knew Barry was a bright lad from his public appearances!



Mary Hanafin got elected as a Cllr. Bless the denizens of Blackrock. She has been crowing about it across all media platforms for the past two days. She already has five pensions. Sickening.




There’s normally a bearded chumbawumba at the back of these group photos who falls down drunk then gets back up again, but it looks like they’ve airbrushed him out of this one


I feckin’ told you this would happen after the last general election. I said that everyone would be shocked at just how short the electorate’s memory would be. It’s only the mid-term of this Dail and already Fianna Fáil have undone a lot of the damage sustained. 25% share of the vote and the most amount of seats at the council level is a clear signal that Fianna Fáil are staging a comeback. In two years times, the economy will be in better shape than it is now. I suspect that by then, the 28% share of the vote that independents and small parties secured will be decimated and Fianna Fáil will be the recipients of most of that.


Yeah but … we didn’t realise quite how shite FG+Labour would become so soon.


They haven’t become shit, IMHO. They’ve really done very little from the very start. There were no big surprises, good or bad.


They remind me very much of Obama.
People voted for change, but got exactly the same as the previous administration.


not an outcast as such, but part of the dynasty’s within FF…and they say they’ve changed :angry:

McGuinness’s son claimed 22 weeks of overtime in a year … 74508.html

And whats the latest in Kilkenny from the local elections … -1-6080647



That’s all wrong Racer; in that case someone woke out of a very long nightmare.

We’ve just woken up from a bad dream where we thought we had a bad cough, … & instead discovered we had a nasty case of Ebola…


Hey don’t joke about it - I just got barred from the local pub after six regulars went off ill for the last week. Barman’s blaming my infectious laugh


Gonna need more grenades! :nin :neutral_face: