The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


I suppose I mean by comparison to their manifesto promises. It took FG nine months to go from:


… and two more months to…

I guess FG could maybe claim that they tried and failed (even though they rolled over like Merkel’s pet poodle). It was left to Labour to admit that they downright lied in their manifesto because “isn’t that what you do in an election?”.


Yeah I agree. My point is just that it’s not like they were playing a blinder for the first 3 months in office.


Current betting on Party to win most seats in next Gen Election :

10/11 FF
10/11 FG
8/1 SF

Taoiseach after next Election :

M Martin 5/6
E Kenny 5/6

As I’ve said before, the bookmakers odds in relation to political and economic matters are more relevant than much of the comment that we hear and read.

The odds on my emigration this year have also shortened.


So, to answer the question in the title of the thread… they’re feckin’ re-elected…

@wawwa - where to, though? Canada maybe? The rest of Europe seems to be stuck in the toilet and trying to pull itself out by the handle…


yogan, fortunately I’m unlikely to be seeking employment so Canada is a non-runner. Thinking about south of France/Spain or near Barcelona. Apart from a bit of French I can’t speak a foreign language so it’s going to have to be an area where english is spoken/understood. I’ve been renting a 2 bed flat for 12 years (outside Dublin) but in the last few months have viewed several houses locally. Have yet to see a place that really clicks with me (I’m very choosy) but I’m also not convinced I want to stay in Ireland. The last time I left Ireland was in the late 80s and I left then as much for my disillusionment with politics here as my need for suitable employment. Seems incredible that nothing has changed; we don’t do accountability. If you told me in 1989 that, 25 years later, we’d be dealing with the same fertiliser (squared) I wouldn’t have believed you.

If I stay in Ireland, I’m happy to live where I am currently. My income sources have almost dried up but I knew 14 years ago that that would happen and I planned accordingly. The current election results have really teed me off; I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I may head away for a couple of months around Oct and rent abroad as a try-out.

If you or anyone else has any suggestions, based on experience, I’d love to hear them. I only began posting in 2012 but I’ve always been heartened by the opinions on the Pin from the very early days.


Ah, I wish you well, then. SW England is nice, if a little pricey. The weather is better than the SE of here.

Yes, the mid-eighties were when my family first left. I can’t say I curse the day I came back (since I met my wife on my return), but the pointlessness of it all staggers. It’s not like all the eyesores in the centres of the cities got built either, they changed hands multiple times in increasing speculation.


FF were only ever outcasts in the same manner as a lapdog will eat brown bread after too much sliced white bread has caused him noticeable stomach pains or some such. But he soon will revert back to the white sliced. And actually, the FG/Labour coalition were the brown bread… No doubt, not to everyone’s taste. It seemed half were complaining that we needed even healthier stuff (black bread, I imagine), while the other half complained that it was too healthy and they wanted to go back to the sliced white, somehow. Any how. If it was up to me, I’d kick the lapdog around the room some. Certainly I don’t think the lapdog is in any way fit to vote, or claim to be up to the responsibilities of a citizen.


That bread analogy is very apt.

I have a friend who always votes FF. It’s like they’re his favourite football team; once you decide to support them you can’t change. Whenever I put this blind loyalty to him, he always defends himself by reminding me that he gave the PD’s his Number One when they first went for election. He has indoctrinated his son into supporting the same football team and political party.

I sometimes remind him of the great power that he has; imagine if he were to inform his local FF candidate that he’d had enough of their chicanery and was no longer going to vote for them :open_mouth: . But it wont happen.


You lot are mad altogether thinking that if only we elect the right party that you’ll wake up the next morning and everything will start on it’s way to being what you consider your utopia. Elections are like those pretend car dashboards you give to kids. He feels as though he’s doing something but all the real driving is being done out of sight but it is fun I supposte.

I still can’t bring myself to spoil my vote but I’m getting there. I’ve been playing loonie bingo for the last few elections. To play you find what you think is the biggest loon and give them number 1 and then work your way back. Then come the count you see if everyone agreed with you. If it’s a tight race and only a few get knocked out at a time your vote can actually help a good few loons before most other peoples votes have gotten out of bed.

Talking of loons what happened to the Christian Solidarity Party. They always got a high preference from me. The YouTube Party amply made up for them though.


Just though it was time to bump this up as they seem to be coming out of the woodwork in time for the election…

Sean Haughey appears likely to run in Dublin Bay North, Averil has made that easier…
John Curran has been selected to run in Dublin Mid West
Martin Manseragh goes before the party in Tipperary…


Mary Hanafin elected as local councilor in blackrock co. Dublin, maybe she or Ms. Feeney will stand for election?


Bobby Aylward re-elected in CW-KK…


Martin Manseragh only got 37 first preference votes…


Hanafin lost out tonight in the FF selection process in Dun laoghaire to Cormac Devlin.
Can’t see party HQ selecting her at a later stage as this is a really just a 3 seater next time out.

Sad day for the body politic in Ireland 8DD


Fianna Fail; male, stale and beyond the pale.


She’ll just have to struggle on by on the; what is it, 7x pensions ?


I hope to Christ she doesn’t go quietly.



I’m sure she also still has a teaching position being held for her somewhere under the archaic rules that apply


Is she not still a councilor anyway?


Better yet, run as an independent and split the vote.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Micháel Martin, but once the five seconds have elapsed I just laugh at him having to manage a toxic system that he willfully signed up for years ago.