The FF Outcasts - Where are they now?


And she’s back.
Mary Hanafin added to Fianna Fáil ticket in Dun Laoghaire


Nuts. There ain’t two FF seats in Dun Laoghaire, and their vote management was dismal last time around.


DL is a defacto three-seater this time around. dingbats!


i for one applaud the decision - anything that splits that shower’s votes can’t but be a good thing 8DD


Conor Lenihan has failed to get a nomination to run for Fianna Fail in Roscommon/Galway. Hilarious, and funnier because he thought he had been nominated. Oh dear… back to Moscow for Crazy Horse…



Lenihan is now a lobbyist for a fracking company. If he ran in Roscommon, he’d be a TD right in the Lough Allen basin where the frackers want to destroy 8-

wouldnt put it past them if they added him to the ticket


I didn’t know that! But I sure saw it coming…

A link worth reading.


Thank you Coles2, I wasn’t aware of that act of treachery by Lend-a-hand the lesser, who changes the law at the last minute then gets a gig in the relevant industry.
wouldnt be surprised if they get to frack the lough allen basin and divert the crud drinking water to the capital 8DD


The way Mary O’Rourke was so vehement in trying to undermine the Shannon Water Scheme strongly suggests here own complicity.

I swear to God that family have been nothing more than a dose of the shits on Irish society. As elected representatives they always acted in their own self interest first, then in the interest of their ‘political party’, and ultimately never in the interest of the People of Ireland.

Conor Lenihan will probably get parachuted on to the ticket somewhere, but either way we haven’t heard the last of him yet. If he doesn’t get elected this time he’ll wait until he gets handed a Seanad seat and he’ll weigh in behind his nephew, Tom Lenihan, a real chip off the old block. And so the cycle will continue.


well said, there is a strong whiff of a Rambo-esque Lawlor-esque family enrichment deal going on.


Great to see exFF and PD Mary Harney has lost some weight since leaving the limelight … -1.2382420


She’s having some well-deserved R&R time, kicking back with a glass of chardonnay and a smoke. Bless.


and nice to see them pushing the war of the genders aspect too :nin


Conor Lenihan is currently in talks with FF to run in next years Euro MEP elections. He’s still in Russia apparently raising funds for start-ups!


The outcasts? Michael Martin is still their leader afaik


Mary Coughlan back as a green lobbyist

#177 … 69434.html


At least Mary Coughlan shows some dignity by lying low.

But as for Ms Hanafin…


dignity? Mary Coughlan Consultancy Ltd
Coughlan received a lump sum of €237,000, and an annual pension of €140,000.


Was she barely 50 when this kicked in?