The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF



It’ll be a “nothing to see here, move along” speach


Could me that financing for the banks has been agreed and that they’ll be in constant contact with their EU counterparts…


Herman Van Rompuy has said the future of the EU is at stake. Things could hardly get any worse for the euro.

Sorry, hang on - this just in: they can get worse…
Austria is withholding its next installment of loans to Greece (due as part of the next tranche of the EU/IMF support for Athens) … obstinacy/

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not sure if this has been posted


I wonder will any of the following phrases be used

“Living beyond your means”
“National Interest”
“Going Forward”
“No need to panic”
“under control”
“not a bail out”

Blue Horseshoe


They found a tenner down the back of the couch, so we are well funded until Mc Donalds withdraw their tasty and economic euro saver menu. Further announcements to follow searches of under the couch.


You missed one :wink:



I know the report says that Cowen to speak to Dail on economy but just wondering if general election might now be part of overall announcement? As another thread noted the Greens have gone very quiet in recent days and even FF went to ground yesterday…


I’m just musing here… but I’d suspect if there is an announcement re bailout… it’ll be BL who will be asked to make it.

Can’t see Coward coming out as he’ll know it’ll be replayed for generations a la the CJH clip.


Paddy power power odds on a general election in 2010 were were 10/2 two weeks ago, 10/3 last week and are 20/1 today, so they don’t seem to think so.


Lenny is in Brussels or at least en route, I think.


" A dhaoine uaisle - Tá ana áthas orm an corn seo a ghlacadh.

Lowwwwwwww lie de hills of Athenryyyyyyy
Where once we watched de small free birds flyyyyyyyy
Ooooooooour looove was on a wwwwwwwwwwwwing
We had dreams and soh-hongggggggs to siiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg…

As a patriotic geasture to Mná na h-Éireann agus those who died for our freedom we have decided to borrow €80Billion more to put into the healthiest banks in Europe - de Irish bankssssssssssss!!!
(Clench fist - Wait for sound of cheering, whooping and applause to die down)



Cowen is up now…

Still bullshitting


Bond trader Eoin over on irish Economy … /#comments


Taoiseach to make statement on economy




budget this thursday?


humenm Neil Hume


The statement has started.