The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF




Any text feed online?



Move along, nothing to see here, everything is fine.

Bank guarantee scheme extended for another year. … b-Live.htm


Turned a corner, working with our partners, blah blah blah


Nice one SP - spot on.


“Growth is returning to the Irish economy” -wtf?! Why didn’t any of ye tell me? I gotta go buy a house…


I’ll sleep easy tonight.


Short and sweet. Or should that be sweat?


IMHO having just observed it, that was very strong, clear and unambiguous statement from Taoiseach Cowen … purely by virtue of how weak the statement was. There is no management and no leadership of the State of Ireland.

We are better off being run by individuals outside our inept political class and from outside our inept civil service class.

Blue Horseshoe


Flacid dail chamber… anyways I did say that 2 years ago, no one at the helm! :imp:

These chaps are puppets, we’ve had clandestine private enterprise run this country for decades in truth and know exactly where that gets us now.


Did he mention the cheapest bailout so far?


Yes but… they are only going to deny something if it to their advantage so what I want to know is what do they gain by this continued denial if they really do know there will be a bail out?


Ah no, when he said this back in 2008 he only meant so far as in til he finished the sentence. After that all bets were off :sick:


Alas I agree

My mother was aghast when I spoke to her yesterday. Couldn’t believe I’d say such a thing, said it was ‘an awful, awful thing to say’

I agree it is, however unfortunately its correct IMHO XX


The body language was very interesting. What I saw was someone who was in government but who was no longer in power.

Now little more than a dancing monkey waiting for his masters in EU/ECB/IMF to call the next tune and to decide his countrys faith.


Christ, Is Cromwell back? 8)


PS. Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver


Here we go again …

Guardian says there will be an announcement at a press conference shortly? Any truth in this? … et-2010-11



How would an EU bailout differ from What our Government plans to do?