The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF


If you are bored … 9&lang=EN#


Thanks, it looks like the press conference is delayed at the moment.

Any speculation on what will be said at the press conference?


European Debt crisis on euronews now.

Debts owed to foreign banks:

Greece €175 Bn
Ireland €730 Bn
Portugal €235Bn

Biggest banks exposed in Britain and Germany.


**Twitter: BBC News Night: UK May join IMF and EU in Irish Bailout. **!/paulmasonnews


One suspects there are large sterling exposures there somewhere. Perhaps wrong-way FX derivatives?


Is that right? (not ? you) but really?


Can this be true? Which of those smileys says ‘gobsmacked’!


Looked pretty relaxed alright, no longer being in charge and taking orders from someone else suits him.

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Not sure, it’s a mix of :sick: XX :nin 8-


More from the BBC: … _that.html


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Yeah, there must be huge UK bank exposure to Irish banks.

A lot more on the UK joining the Irish bailout: … re_twitter


An hour behind schedule, the press room in Brussels beginning to fill up - looks like we’ll have some post-Ecofin stuff to report shortly.

Watch it here. … 9&lang=EN#


:open_mouth: we’ll need the whole of the ESF bail out fund to oursleves! We (taxpayers) are not liable for this figure surely … at any stage?


Junker is twittering on in state speak French. Any one got the official press release from the meeting?


Doesn’t sound right unless it includes IFSC banks.


You can change the language!

Anyway this is what he said, ireland talking to ecb, ec, imf re further measures.

Money available if requested.



Thanks. Does not work in Firefox…

Like to see exactly what was written down in French or English . Nuance is everything.


“most pressing challenge of the day” - Ollie Rehn

A really nice way of describing a crisis


Oli on Ireland - expects 4 year plan soon and he expects it to be “convincing”…

Most pressing problem is Ireland.
Irish authorities committed to working with IMF eu, this is seen as an intensification of process in case neccessary"

Oli Rehn “Mission to Dublin is technical talks focused on restructuring banking sector”

Rehn - ECB\IMF Mission to dublin is focussed on the restructuring of the banking sector - requested by Ireland and deemed nesscesary by EU

Beasley from the IT - How much and is it inevitable and do all states agree.

It’s up to the Gov to ask, all member states ready to be supportive. Talks will intensify…

Won’t give any other details.