The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF


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Dutch finance minister stated that any bailout would contain heavy conditionality. I wonder what he means…

Dick Roche on now.


Yep Newsweek always good to hear what the Brits think.

IMF and ECB are on their way here next week.


They’re worried they’ll have to help fund a bailout.

Little plug from Roche to vote Fianna Fail in the by election to ensure the stability the Bond markets want to see :sick:


The EU is gong to walk in and tear up our banking system becasue right now its only exists on paper and its worthless and by default our state. Brain melting as those banking figures of 730Bn+ they have no choice and who would blame them. All this talk of playing hands is subterfuge and aural optics

All that is happening is our team is negotiating are the terms of Irelands surrender.

I said it before it now now only an argument who gets to wear the top hat.


Such cynicism, guys.

It’s actually a cunning gambit by the two Brians to devalue the Euro and make our exports more competitive. :angry:


And, do you know what, it’s going to work. I can see it now; “The ECB/EU/IMF agreed to bail us out because we had a plan. If you bring the other lot in now it will destroy everything.” Shit, these guys are good. Even the laugh on Roche when asked. To me, it felt like he was laughing 'cos the interviewer had it pegged. FF will remain in power.

I’ve said it a couple of times, Ireland were going to be used as the next pawn to bring down the euro. We’ve fallen from 142 to 134odd in the space of a couple of weeks once QE2 was out.


Can WGU pick the man for the Hat?


anyone noticing how rte downplay the imf bailout at every chance? how many times do you remember an rte reporter admiting the sitution was bad and could get worst? almost never. at every stage they seem to be more interested in deflecting blame to greece, lehmans, sub prime, lunar cycle. etc

its perverted.


Talk to Joe… Oh wait :-GC


VB had Paul Sommerville on tonight, speaking the truth as usual, worth a watch. The whole reason it’s come to a head now rather that when we have to go back to the bond markets in March is because the ECB have twigged how fucked the Irish banks are and do not want to lend to them anymore, instead they want to give the monney to the Irish government and make it sovereign debt so that Irish Gubberment can sink it down the black hole of the banks rather then them. He also mentioned a figure of €20Bn, not sure where that’s coming from, seems like a drop in the ocean, surely that would only last a few weeks at best at this rate. Anyone have a list of maturing bonds for the banks in the near future?


ECB refuse to pull trigger but happy to supply bullet.


Remember this day people; this is the day that our children will look back on as the end of the failed 1st Irish Republic.

Let us hope the 2nd is more successful ! :cry:


The fact this thread has not concluded is nuts.


Getting out of the Euro today.

If the EU finance ministers can’t get their shit together for insignificant Ireland and sort it with clarity (shoot the banks and take the money) then the Euro is fucked.


We had a slow build up, now we’re singing the chorus and judging by the actions politicians have taken up to this, we could be waiting a long time for the grand finale.

Most of us see this logically, we know what needs to happen and we think we know what will eventually come to pass, but it never ceases to amaze me how long politicians can continue to bluff their way through the situation and kick the can down the road. We live in the hope that we’ll get some pragmatic decisions but alas I’m starting to realize that we may never actually get them, ever. How long has this shit been going on for now?


imf have released a statement,sorry dont know how to put a link will have to look for yourselves.



This one?