The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF


LCH doubles margins on Irish debt to 30%! Google it for link to FT article.



Brian Cowen in the Dail this morning said that the IMF and ECB are coming in tomorrow to discuss (direct quote)…

Nothing much to do with Ireland then. We’re just being bumped about in the Euro tides you see.

He also said in reply to Eamon Gilmore that if it weren’t for the 2008 bank guarantee the economy would have gone into catastrophic meltdown. So his defence is that the FF fuck-up might have been realised in 2008, but instead is only being revealed in 2010 with an extra few scores of billions added onto the bill in the meantime. Quite some defence that is.


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It’s a pity he was hammered … at least then you could understand this gibberish from him…

Sing us a song Cowen… at least be good for something!


I’ve been wondering who Zanu FF were negotiating so hard on behalf of because it sure wasn’t us joe soap taxpayers and I think this might be it. Everything they’ve done has been to keep Anglo’s affairs (and INBS too) in the dark and away from prying eyes. More of the same? Is outside intervention the only way we’ll ever find out what happened inside those cesspools?

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Any more good news?


My crap German translates this as " Ireland moves further away"?? Maybe Boyracer can help with the translation?



Ireland pushes EU help away?

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really bad translation


Thanks BR and MW - luckily for us is carrying it in English -

EU Mulls Help, Dublin Resists.

From the translation -

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These guys are getting pissed off with the reluctance of the government to take the damn money. It will come to pass that any bargaining chips we have will go out the window…


Oh god, somebody in Europe actually listened to Clowen’s fertilizer today


Hey, maybe they’ll bomb the country with 500 euro notes? :smiley:


Jaysus - you’re high maintenance YM - I’d be happy with cheese :laughing:


Will they drop some crackers? Oh wait, we’ve got loads here…


Did you say crackers?? Tweeted by Gurdgiev…

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Seriously, at this point who gives a flying f**k about pride - we’ve never had any bloody pride - if we did we’d never have allowed those fcukers in government to take it this far!


hinausschieben=delay/postpone etc.
Irland schiebt EU-Hilfe weiter hinaus = Ireland further delays EU help


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