The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF



Their fucking paddywhackery - “Europe needs to bail out the banks, not the government” - has cost them days and friends.

I reckon the IMF lads arriving will be dying to sit across the table from the bunch of fuckwits who tried this ill-conceived strategy.

They gotta be thinking they’re going get all the states assets for a promissory note of magic beans (with an optional call on the beanstalk).


And the worst thing? (Although it’s hard to specifically pick one out) - de gubbermint will once again underestimate the cost and will be back with their tails between their legs and the country whipped with them.


Nope - they’re still at it! … 25497.html


Sweet Jesus!

I really hope not.

We’ll be turned into North Korea.


Irish Republic to get bail-out loan, says central bank 18 November 2010 Last updated at 08:49 GMT
Irish Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan has said he expects the Irish Republic to accept a “very substantial loan” as part of an EU-backed bail-out. Mr Honohan told RTE radio he expected the loan to amount to “tens of billions” of euros.


A banking crisis is so 2008 . Take the baiout and face the thing head on .

If FF manage to swing this as a funding problem for the banks and not Ireland . Does that not set a precedent ? And how would that effect the IMF 's work in Third World / Developing countries ?
Could Portugal , Italy and Spain not try the same thing ? Would that not affect the The ECB 's credability ?


Ok enough of this crap, refrences to poker and all the other bullshit and lies.

Everyperson in Ireladn now needs to ask this one question:

Have Fianna Fail offcially invited the IMF in?

YES or NO?

Email yuor TD’s call them on the phone or ask them in person. Right now nothing else matters.


You are a lone voice . Yes they have . The banks are fucked . The economy is fucked . NAMA is fucked . FF are Fucked . FG and Labour are fucked . Joe public is most definitly fucked . Anglo is a fucking machine .

Yet the issue is ’ Sovereignty ’ which is and has been handed over to the EU for the last 30 years , seems to be on peoples minds . The issue should be about complete reform and hitting the restart botton .

Ireland and its people should enter the Betty Ford clinic and admit that it , like an alcoholic is at absolute rock bottom . Unless there is further to go .

Wake the fuck up , Ireland is a banana republic . If the EU / IMF handed FF 150 billion with no conditions . The first thing FF would try to do would be to restart the property market .

Ireland has failed to such an extent that even its banks are not for purpose . They should not even have a banking licence .


I know it is mot likley to be YES, but I want people to ask it of them as it is only FF who can answer it unless they decided to collapse the government and run leaving it to an emergency council. They may push a “neogitaitons have broken down giove collpases” rather than accept their final duty and run.

Serisouly do you trust them not to pull a stunt like that? I do not and so people need to know the order of process of an external body like the IMF who do not just waltz in as they please, they have to be invited. Look if their is one thing people tell each other about in the office at the watercooler and any where else is that Fianna Fail will need to invite them in.

It is the reponsible question to ask at this point.


It’s all a game of negotiation although for the life of me I can’t figure out what justification they’re using for trying to play hardball with the very people we need to support us - it all seems very stupid to me XX

Even for these corrupt and inept sh!ts this doesn’t make any sense - the only thing I can think is that they convinced the EU & IMF to agree to let them make a public show of fighting for the Irish sovereign cause knowing that everything is already agreed. A last ditch attempt to curry some sort of favour with the Euro skeptics and dumb Irish public who might believe the “it’s everyone elses fault line (i.e. lehmans, global downturn, nasty EU, etc”

Anyone who was paying any attention the past 12 months knew this was coming :nin

#391 … king1.html

It’s so comical I can’t help laughing - someone didn’t tell Honohan the game is not to let the cat out of the back to the Irish people…

And then Eamon “I’m fcuking useless and have no clue about anything other than being fcuking useless” comes out with this…

Haven’t you got it yet Eamo - we have no choice but to take a bailout so the terms and conditions are something the EU/IMF will be giving us - dumb schmuk :imp:

But if you thought he couldn’t get any more stupid…

Someone in government really needs to tell this idiot not to make public statements anymore XX



There here, from the Guardian Live blog … nd-bailout


somewhat hilarious that they are strolling past a beggar


That’s Sven-Goran Eriksson … for sure


I wonder will the IMF guys be making guest appearance on the Late Late show? Just a thought.


From the excellent Burn After Reading


I would not be to sure . It seems that it is just a loan that is being discussed . … tml?via=mr


Fianna Fail come first to Fianna Fail, I expect they’ll run it down to the last moment, then cut and run. If past performance is any indicator of future intent they will not admit they were wrong. Prepare for emergency government.


Never ever underestimate the power of the FF press office .