The Final Countdown - Speculation on Irish bailout EU/IMF


What **other **challenges were there?

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Splurge in spending and debt levels raises new questions on bailout exit


Strange one from the Indo, usually trying to push positivity to infer house prices will rise

Obviously couldn’t resist a kick at a non-FF government

Edited to add: They’ll have a field day if (when IMO) we need Bailout II. FG/Labour blew it etc conveniently forgetting who lead us into Bailout I


well with all the money printing chasing yield they might not need a bailout straight away.

The interest payments would be the easisest to cut, chances of that happening zero

NWL had an article on this a while back … t-on-debt/

apart from the promissory note debacle buying short term relief for long term disater the interest bill is still huge

IT take on it … -1.1468277
The bill in 2012 was 6.5 billion in a year when the state borrowed 18.5bn. So the state has to borrow $ to pay the interest, good stuff, paying interest on interest! in these sorts of situations u probaly better engaging in some sort of default and freezing interest payments until economy improves

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interest rates of 3.84% at present , ireland fully funded for 12 months. the last time i heard that was a few months before ireland signed up to teh troika