The Final Insult. The Chimney Tax.

You may think this is mad ( and I did first warn ye about the septic tank tax) but this “smart” “green” regime is going into pilot mode this year. We are, most of us, to get a Chimney Tax.

Naturally Phil Hogan blames the EU but what will be done is that everybody who lives near a SAC/SPA/NHA ( and that is most of those in Dublin and Galway cities as well as in rural areas) will have to get a sophisticated particle detector fitted on all their chimneys to ensure that smoke and particulate will not affect the slug/bog cotton/hen harrier nearby.

And I know because the ranger was around earlier to tell me that it will cost me €80 …if I am chosen. The ranger did not fancy choosing 2Pack after getting the usual grilling about the absurdity that is the functioning of the NPWS and went off looking for the management plan for the SAC down the road ( there isn’t any management plan like they promised there would be in 1999).

Dept of Environment is being very coy about the full extent of this but based on what I have heard it may be applied to as many as 1.4 out of 2m homes in the state by end 2014. I will keep the absurity in this thread only for now.

A fucking Chimney Tax, is Hogan insane or merely sociopathic.

It is just another necessary stealth tax but they will again find it more hassle than it is worth.

The ranger has gone off with the normal list of questions they promise to get an answer on.

Of the last 6 NPWS Rangers on whose patch the 2Pack lurks 5 never came back near me again and the only one who ever did was sound and never gave me any hassle. :smiley:

Is this an April fools joke?

Nope. I waited until well after after midday to start the thread.

I’m not falling for it. This is just too daft. I respectfully suggest that you have been the victim of an April Fool’s prank.

You can buy them in B&Q for €22.99. Or on for about the same price, should B&Q run out of them.

Nope, it was a ranger saw the ID. The Chimney Tax scheme is under some NPWS scheme cooked up by a functionary acting under the: European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011

The smoke/particulate detection will be OUTDOORS Doubleglaze.

I must warn you that the powers of the NPWS are simply enormous under these regulations and that this is most likely a pilot Section 27 measure from the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 for now…going national in 2014.

I usually have the NPWS by the bollix because of the definition of adjoining. They think I have commonage inside and outside the SAC but the commonage was divived years ago and all of mine is outside and separated from the SAC by someone elses subdivision. The small guys got their REPs money afterwards. I got nothing out of it.

I never bother telling them that, sure it would be no fun. :smiley: The subdivision was contractual and not registered in title as it would have been too expensive to do a 16 way split of 700 acres.

I was going to get a councillor to declare a smidge of road public so we could trigger the free stamp duty clause in some Finance Bill and register the contractual division in title without paying stamp duty but amazingly the FFer wouldn’t and the FGer would. :smiley:

So for now the NPWS think I own a commonage ( I sorta do) but I have a piece of paper and a map telling me to stay the fuck out of the portion inside and near the SAC.

It would be a fun day in court with some pompous silk getting the royal run around. Only 10 of the 16 shares are in or adjoining a SAC any more.

The European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011, have a read some time. Coming soon to Dublin City and to a Chimney near you. :smiley: … gulations/

Well, they can put it in their pipe and smoke it as far as I’m concerned.

Who pays - landord or tenant?

Christ knows, Hogans lot make these things up as they go along. :frowning:

Is this because loads of people are burning their household waste instead of paying for the extra bins (or whatever it is you do over there now)?

This HAS to be a piss take…

It would have something to do with that, yes. The number of households paying for weekly rubbish collection has dropped a lot in recent years. Nurse living near me normally brings all her rubbish to work in Merlin Park and only uses prepaid bags when she is on holiday.

But basically it is just the NPWS acting like a pack of pricks and hiding behind Europe, usual shite so. :frowning:

€80? - ill sell you a detector for €50

This guy this cheaper

Well, my house doesn’t have a chimney so they can stick their tax where the sun don’t shine.

There’s on on the garage though. :angry:

Ok not concerned with the chimney tax, real or otherwise.

But seriously, can we have a gate tax?
Anything over 3 foot or 4ft 6? All these celtic tiger McMansions with their hugh gates make me puke. Could we tax them out of existance?

Is he related to Bill. :laughing: … gulations/

A read of that legislation seems to indicate that you can drive a ‘Motorised Golf Cart’ anywhere you like in a Special Protection Area, Special Area of Conservation (A ‘European Site’ as they are referred to in the legislation). :confused:

If you own or ‘control’ land inside a SAC or SPA your civil rights are severly impinged on by Section 5 of those regulations.

Not quite the same in an NHA but those bollixes in the NPWS are declaring SPAs all over the shop. All of Galway City Borders an SPA to the South and some borders another to the North West. All of Dublin Bay is an SPA.

You should have been around my gaff when we found a calling corncrake a few years back, the neighbourhood was in sheer terror when we heard him because the local ranger was a complete spazz at that time. She never did hear him thankfully we never saw her outside office hours and the Corncrake was quiet during the day. The neighbours would have been banned from keeping chickens or something crazy if she found the Corncrake.

I felt like taking the lid off my septic tank in case she was on the prowl. :smiley: