The first credit crunch 88 BC

Course they’re unrelated. Who ever heard of a financial crisis leading to dictatorship? :unamused:

there’s a lot of spin in that piece, the dictatorships started with caesar. pulla and pompay would have been appointed by the senate to be dictators outside of Rome itself.

You have to remember that the Romans had a superior method of tapping Sovereign Wealth Funds for cash.

Tapping with those short pointy metal things? :smiley:

The original Roman idea of dictator was somewhat different to modern understanding of the word.

A Dictator was appointed by the senate during periods of emergency to act as a supreme ruler and given extraordinary powers, including immunity from prosecution fo ractiosn taken while acting as dictator.

The terms of a dictatorship under these rules could never be more than 6 months.

This was a recognition by the republic that in times of crisis, there is no time for committees or long winded debates (Brians are you listening?) and a single ruler could make the types of immediate decisions required.

Nominations? 8)

Yeah, unlike the elected dictatorships of Hitler, Mussolini, Milosevic, Mugabe etc…
Ein country, ein bubble, ein Michael!

Actually, Caesar reintroduced dictatorship!