The FTX fraud

Where to even begin with this one…

The Democrats seem to have been funding themselves via an offshore cryptocurrency pump and dump ponzi scheme fronted by a crew of dorky patsies with a clique of academics/party insiders pulling the strings behind the scenes. FTX/Bankman-Fried were their second largest donors at the midterms behind (coincidentally of course) Jewish convicted inside trader and market manipulator George Soros.

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Well there was this

12/21/2017 20:31:58
8chan/cbts: 143329

Soros takes orders from P.
You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.
Fight, fight, fight.
Day of days.
Game over.

You can see the other “Game Over” related drops Q, Truths, Tweets and GETTR at QAgg.News

Also i you note the linked tweet in this “Game Over” drop remains, but all able and below are gone/suspeneded acc;s

11/21/2019 19:47:08
8kun/qresearch: 7359314
Game Over.

Then we see this -

:ireland: sent, how much so far?

Is it possible the Irish are also funding the Dem’s via Simple Simon & Co? :whistle:

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Thread related.

:rotating_light:Did Epstein’s Island truly shut down, or did it just move?

There’s a lot of weird shit that is slowly coming out in the fallout of #FTX going bankrupt…


FTX was founded in 2019 and somehow managed to quickly become the biggest name in crypto

Sponsored the MLB and basketball arenas, SBF heavily lobbying members of Congress, his face is all over the place as “the next Warren Buffet” Image

How’d he elevate to such a position so quickly? Let’s look at his parents

His dad has written about & made a career off of getting rid of the “cash economy” and helping the govt find tax evasion (odd that his son his the biggest name in crypto)

His mom is a major dem operative


Looks like the CEO of FTX (& SBF’s gf) also has connections in high places

IMO, this whole thing seems like a weirdly arranged business/sexual partnership with ulterior motives

SBF was one of the largest donors to Democrat candidates, second only to…George Soros

SBF gave the second largest donation to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020 Image

One month after the war in Ukraine started, DC puppet Zelensky partnered with SBF for crypto donations… Image

We’ve come to find out that Sam’s “minimalist, poor” lifestyle was completely a front…“I drive a Corolla!”

He lived in the Bahamas in a multi-million dollar mansion with his closest circle of friends where they’d have drug-fueled orgies apparently Image

Two weeks ago a big-named crypto developer who lived in PR was sounding the alarm on the CIA and m0ssad running a pedo elite cult in the Caribbean

shot, chaser ImageImage

Now for where it gets even more interesting…

Alameda Research headed up by Ellison (mentioned earlier) and under the FTX brand. Here’s their logo Image

Let’s not forget Sam - the man himself… Image

h/t to @BooRadleyLegit for getting the ball rolling on this

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No patterns. None. Ok. Watch video. You will see nothing. That reminds you of anything else.

Thank goodness we are TAXED safely and effectively to achieve the same ends without such terrible loss of money.

Not unreliable, another long one and is interesting - 😈 | Bear Baron Spawn | (@hellspawncrypto): "I am dropping the towel. They may came from industry of finance. I come from an industry of cyber-security. You crossed my field. Next time when you want to spoof the market from 28K to 69K for your political lobby think twice."|nitter

134 of FTX’s firms filed for bankruptcy:

  1. Alameda Aus Pty Ltd

  2. Alameda Global Services Ltd.

  3. Alameda Research (Bahamas) Ltd

  4. Alameda Research Holdings Inc.

  5. Alameda Research KK

  6. Alameda Research LLC

  7. Alameda Research Ltd

  8. Alameda Research Pte Ltd

  9. Alameda Research Yankari Ltd

  10. Alameda TR Ltd

  11. Alameda TR Systems S. de R. L.

  12. Allston Way Ltd

  13. Altalix Ltd

  14. Analisya Pte Ltd

  15. Atlantis Technology Ltd.

  16. B for Transfer Egypt

  17. B Payment Services Nigeria

  18. B Transfer Services Ltd

  19. B Transfer Services Ltd. UAE

  20. B Transfer Services Uganda

  21. Bancroft Way Ltd

  22. BitPesa Kenya Ltd.

  23. BitPesa RDC SARL

  24. BitPesa Senegal Ltd.

  25. BitPesa South Africa

  26. BitPesa Tanzania Ltd.

  27. BitPesa Uganda Ltd.

  28. Bitvo, Inc.

  29. Blockfolio Holdings, Inc.

  30. Blockfolio, Inc.

  31. Blue Ridge Ltd

  32. BT Payment Services Ghana

  33. BT Payment Services South Africa

  34. BT Payments Uganda

  35. BT Pesa Nigeria Ltd.

  36. BTC Africa S.A.

  37. BTLS Limited Tanzania

  38. Cardinal Ventures Ltd

  39. Cedar Bay Ltd

  40. Cedar Grove Technology Services, Ltd

  41. Clifton Bay Investments LLC

  42. Clifton Bay Investments Ltd

  43. CM-Equity AG

  44. Corner Stone Staffing

  45. Cottonwood Grove Ltd

  46. Cottonwood Technologies Ltd.

  47. Crypto Bahamas LLC

  48. DAAG Trading, DMCC

  49. Deck Technologies Holdings LLC

  50. Deck Technologies Inc.

  51. Deep Creek Ltd

  52. Digital Custody Inc.

  53. Euclid Way Ltd

  54. Exchange 4 Free Seychellen

  55. Exchange 4Free Australia Br.

  56. Exchange 4Free Ltd.

  57. Exchange 4Free South Africa Br.

  58. Exchange 4Free Swiss Branch

  59. Finfax Company

  60. FTX (Gibraltar) Ltd

  61. FTX Canada Inc

  62. FTX Certificates GmbH

  63. FTX Crypto Services Ltd.

  64. FTX Digital Assets LLC

  65. FTX Digital Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd

  66. FTX EMEA Ltd.

  67. FTX Equity Record Holdings Ltd

  68. FTX Europe AG

  69. FTX Exchange FZE

  70. FTX Hong Kong Ltd

  71. FTX Japan Holdings K.K.

  72. FTX Japan K.K.

  73. FTX Japan Services KK

  74. FTX Lend Inc.

  75. FTX Marketplace, Inc.

  76. FTX Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd

  77. FTX Property Holdings Ltd

  78. FTX Services Solutions Ltd.

  79. FTX Structured Products AG

  80. FTX Switzerland GmbH

  81. FTX Trading GmbH

  82. FTX Trading Ltd


  84. FTX US Derivatives LLC

  85. FTX US Services, Inc.

  86. FTX US Trading, Inc

  87. FTX Vault Trust Company

  88. FTX Ventures Ltd

  89. FTX Ventures Partnership

  90. FTX Zuma Ltd

  91. GG Trading Terminal Ltd

  92. Global Compass Dynamics Ltd.

  93. Good Luck Games, LLC

  94. Goodman Investments Ltd.

  95. Hannam Group Inc

  96. Hawaii Digital Assets Inc.

  97. Hilltop Technology Services LLC

  98. Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd

  99. Innovatia Ltd

  100. Island Bay Ventures Inc

  101. K-DNA Financial Services Ltd

  102. Killarney Lake Investments Ltd

  103. Ledger Holdings Inc.

  104. LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Fund, LLC

  105. LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Master Fund LP

  106. LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Fund, LLC

  107. LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Master Fund LP

  108. Ledger Prime LLC

  109. LedgerPrime Ventures, LP

  110. Liquid Financial USA Inc.

  111. LiquidEX LLC

  112. Liquid Securities Singapore Pte Ltd

  113. LT Baskets Ltd.

  114. Maclaurin Investments Ltd.

  115. Mangrove Cay Ltd

  116. North Dimension Inc

  117. North Dimension Ltd

  118. North Wireless Dimension Inc

  119. Paper Bird Inc

  120. Pioneer Street Inc.

  121. Quoine India Pte Ltd

  122. Quoine Pte Ltd

  123. Quoine Vietnam Co. Ltd


  125. Strategy Ark Collective Ltd.

  126. Technology Services Bahamas Limited

  127. Tigetwit Ltd

  128. TransferZero

  129. Verdant Canyon Capital LLC

  130. West Innovative Barista Ltd.

  131. West Realm Shires Financial Services Inc.

  132. West Realm Shires Services Inc.

  133. Western Concord Enterprises Ltd.

  134. Zubr Exchange Ltd

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If this isn’t a case for the Matthew McConaughey meme I don’t know what is:

I was looking for more info about Nikolai Mushegian when a certain name popped up in the article-a 5 alarm, red flag, holy-f***ing-shit name.

The person who the article quotes as having confirmed with Mushegian’s family that there was nothing suspicious about his death and that he was a nutjob anyway is none other than Brock Pierce:

I wonder what goes on in all those properties he’s bought in Puerto Rico…

Crypto billionaire and former child star Brock Pierce has bought the old W Hotel in Vieques, Puerto Rico — which had been shuttered since 2017’s Hurricane Maria — for $18.3 million.

Pierce and other crypto cohorts descended on the island (known for its tax incentives) in 2018 with dreams of building a crypto utopia. A NY Times article noted they were calling it, “Puertopia.” But after being told the word translates to “eternal boy playground” in Latin, they changed the name to “Sol.”

Bank-Man-Fried. Right into our faces.
If crypto exchange platforms were just a testing ground for cbdc with use by date and other implications like vax status, social credit, carbon footprint, liquidation of them means the new system is nearly ready.
Bank-Man-Fried. Just like Madoff. Made off with your money.


Has an absolute crypto meltdown collapse vis a vis contagion begun’th?

Exchanges sending out assurance email to clients, meanwhile:

Hong Kong based AAX crypto exchange today suddenly announced the suspension of all operations, including trading, withdrawals, etc - promise that they will try to restart everything in 7-10 days…

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BREAKING: #CryptoCom has frozen all withdrawals. Did you manage to get out?


JUST IN: #CryptoCom native token $CRO will be delisted on November 16th 2022 from CoinJar. They state “It no longer meets our listing requirements”.


How fucked is #Crypto? This fucked. Try to find a project that’s NOT listed. Good luck.


So, what is this I’m seeing and reading that many pensions are invested in crypto, oh…


JUST IN: #Huobi detected transferring over 10,000 $ETH after releasing its asset snapshot.


Sam Bankman-Fried admits that FTX is a crypto laundromat for the Ukrainian government.


FTX was a money laundering scam for Democrats.

$50M spent on electing Dems this cycle.

Will a single Democrat return the blood money given to their campaigns through theft of regular Americans savings?

This should be the biggest scandal in the world right now.


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Not exactly Kubrick but a little light entertainment.

Gone, but not forgotten.