The Gables, Sorrento Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin (-915K/-52%)

Was 1.9 Mil

Now 1.8 Mil … YFEA360750

Nice home, may need a few more 5% reductions.

Not very child friendly!

Not that you would have many children since it’s only a 3 bed house.

how about 1 big 50% reduction?

see whether that get’s any biters

1 million euro is a lot of money for a house

see what 1.8million buys you in beverly hills
[ … s-CA-90210]()

Now 1.5 million

The back garden seems to be dug out of rock in a hillside which is north facing. Expensive at €532 a sq ft when quality houses are trading under €400 a sq ft. Does the square footage include the basement does anyone know? If it does then I agree with you ewd2 that they need to divied the price by 2 :open_mouth:

Now 1.2 million

Took over a year to drop to this price! If they had just dropped it in a month, it may have happened. I imagine it will now need to come down another few hundred K. Not a million Euro House by any means.

€600k house. 3 beds, no space.

With the basement making up over 1/3rd of the house (see brochure), they are looking for over 600 per square foot of living space. Nuts. :unamused:

This property has disappeared off the radar completely. Its not listed on any of the websites - not even as “Sale Agreed”. I drove by on Saturday and the ‘For Sale’ sign had been taken down.

I guess we can look forward to the “New to the Market” relaunch in a few months so.

It didn’t take long. Property moved to Sherry Fitz and on offer at same price - €1.2M. … lin/200391

Can we expect the “New to the Market” relaunch in the Irish Times tomorrow?

You said it :laughing:

Now 985k

Still kidding themselves, given that this one a few doors down which is nicer to look at, bigger (4 beds) and has more garden failed to get any bids at auctiuon, and subsequently went sale agreed (I’m guessing below AMV of 850) just a few weeks ago.

And they are still including the garage & workshop in the sq footage - it’s nowhere near 2800 sq ft of “habitable space” - probably nearer 1500-1800?

Two and a half years on the market and still in deep denial!