The Gallery, Donabate

804 sq ft 2 bed apartment for €185

Is this good value?
Is Donabate a good area to invest in as a first time buyer owner occupier?

Read that sentence back and see if it makes sense to you.

If it does.

Take the money, burn it and run.


Buying would be a bad idea, investing in one would be insane.

hard to say, I don’t have an original price but i remember looking at these two years ago and that is a significant drop. I seem to remember that the penthouses were around 540, and these are now 350 asking.

donabate is a funny place, I always felt that there should be more there, that the village had untapped potential but i can’t see it happening now. I mean, the place is about 30 mins from connolly on the train, perfect for commuting, but there isn’t much to see in the village itself. I always thought it would get pretty boring there.

The gallery looks like a nice block , if you can get it at the right price. I’d hang on for one of the penthouses!

my offer here for this to be good value is 1,200 euro, 14 bags of thumb tacks and a '00 ford fiesta