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We can all accept there are genuine errors made and we may find homes with 20 acres of farmland positioned in D1.
However, I’m seeing houses advertised as being in an area of Dublin (with others close by also the same so it’s no mistake) which seem nowhere near the area.
Above is surely Cabinteely or Glenageary? It’s got Sallynoggin directly between it and Dun Laoghaire.


It might be useful to include the An Post address checking tools on this one.

If An Post have an address listed as being in a particular area, is that the correct address, not what we think it should be because of it’s location on a map? … ort+It.htm

Well, lets look at this. An Post say that Gratitefield is in Dun Laoghaire, but it just ISN’T.
Lets put it this way. If I was sending the kids off to get me a pint of milk, would they go to Dun Laoghaire, given that apparently that’s where they live.
I can understand people putting down the ‘An Post’ details, but it’s still geographically challenged.
I’m not basing this on what An Post puts down as a post code.
Plently of people are a stones throw from Clonsilla yet they are in Castleknock and price their home on the an-post details rather than actually where the house is. As the person living there, the address is just snobbery and means nothing. You still don’t REALLY live where you think you do.
Just because An Post say the area is Castleknock don’t make it geographically correct.
It just means that An Post have that area in their delivery zone.
I’m not buying a house based on that, yet people selling have prices based on the assumption that they live in the area that their address details. It’s just not the case though.
Big differences out there between postal address and geographical location of your house.

S’all I’m sayin.

I’d call that area Johnstown actually.

This is technically known as the Knocklyon effect.

Oh, I completely agree, and it’s a major bugbear of mine. I come across countless houses which as are listed as Glasnevin (for example), but are in my opinion, in Finglas. However when I search the house on the An Post address checker, the official address is in Glasnevin, so they’re not really telling porkies, as it might seem at first look.
Like you, I wouldn’t go by official address either. As the Glasnevin example above, I wouldn’t buy the house as I’d still consider it to be in Finglas, no matter what An Post think.

Re. Glasnevin :what An Post/Officialdom says isn’t unbiased. Glasnevin Ave used to be Ballymun Ave until the 70s or so

Used to know a bloke who wore his Ballymun origins as a badge of honour. We used to slag the arse off him for actually being a poshie from Glasnevin Avenue.

Bono, surely?
Wore his “pony kid” past as a badge of honour too… … addle.html

I saw this house is mentioned on another thread. … 12/2297771

Geographically, I would consider it Kimmage and when you put in the address on the An Post adress checker, even they have it as Kimmage.

And you would be correct - according to the Ordnance Survey map.,723942,725796,6,8


Ignoring the postal address and whatever the EA has written is usually sounds advice.

My pet hate is Clonkeen Road, ‘Blackrock’.

The electoral division for this area is Cabinteely-Granitefield. When I was a lad we would call this area the ‘top of the noggin’. Johnstown is the local name used but people outside the immediate neighbourhood would be hard pushed to tell where that is if asked. It is a bit of a no-mans land between Rochestown Ave and Cabinteely village, I don’t think this is a classic case of anyone trying to deceive a buyer re: location. As far as I know people up the road in Watson’s claim it is Killiney so they are not considered Ballybrack…

Clonkeen Road is listed as Blackrock because that is the PO sorting office for the area AFAIK. The same thing happens around Kill o’the Grange/BaKer’s Corner - some will say it’s Monkstown, An Post say Blackrock, others will just call it DL…

Sorry to go off topic a bit but what is the area where Stradbrook Road joins the round about along with Monkstown Road?

Looks like Whizzbang’s map needs another outing.

2nd time round just as good. Awesome.

Haha, that’s great.

Hi Woger- I would call that Rockford, others would call it Deansgrange. I’m sure EAs call it Blackrock. Tis another local anomaly alright. AFAI remember that road doesn’t even have an official name (ie that portion by the gates into TEK FC)

Big lols at the map above. Hadn’t seen it before :smiley:

Thanks, I used to live there. I was told when I moved in the address was Blackrock, others said Monkstown. I never even knew Rockford existed.