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George Soros: Hungarian government posters ‘anti-Semitic’ -

Can anyone recommend any good documentaries on this guy

I don’t know of any documentaries on him but he’s surely one of the most evil people on the planet… :imp:

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Yeah, he’s evil because he thinks Trump is a con man, supported Obama, opposes Putin and

He’s so evil he supported Solidarity, the group most responsible for overthrowing communist rule in Poland. And his support also helped overthrow soviet rule in Georgia. To Putin supporters, this makes him a Very Bad Man.

I guess that’s what the conspiracy/propaganda video posted by el diablo means by “formenting revolutions” and “meddling” means.

After all, why would a Hungarian who had experienced Nazi and Soviet occupation favour democracy in Europe and have any sort of empathy for refugees? It must be about formenting chaos to make money. He’s a complicated guy; he wants to consolidate the EU and break it up at the same time and was a jew that worked for the Nazis (nice smear, that).
I did laugh at the “Black lives matter have also been described by many as a hate group” line. It’s Soros’ fault that race relations have deteriorated in the US, not the ubiquity of smartphones revealing the racism, dishonesty and brutality of many cops.

Even worse (and ironically for this forum), he’s made money by recognizing when politicians of various countries are in denial about their bubble economies. If Trump did that, he’d be hailed as a financial genius. But this guy! He’s betting against 'Murica!

This post is written not to defend Soros, of whom my only knowledge is what’s on his Wikipedia page, but to respond to a piece of obvious propaganda aimed at US audiences. It’s sad that anyone living in Europe would swallow it too.

Edit to add “by many”

I think you’re perhaps a little naïve if you believe Georgie Boy has good intentions for humankind. Anyway, each to their own. :laughing:

He could be right about currencies failing even if he didnt intervene but my problem is where do we draw the line in a single person having so much power and control. It rings a similar tune to the billionairre Harry Triguboff in Sydney saying the HE would bring in more immigrants if property prices dropped.

Some individuals have amassed more money than some countries. Now its not as simple as that because lots of countries have no money because they are entirely corrupt.

When these people then get into pumping billions into social moulding is it ok because you agree with it? Would it be ok if you didnt?

His early books are visionary about the threats we now face with liars and charlatans posting on social media sites fake news hate videos. Sucking on Putin’s cock the lot of them.

I was in Hungary recently and the posters are everywhere. The Orban government is a horror show. Government by the old and right-wing against the young and the liberal.

Is that you Stephen Colbert?

Edit: I think Soros’s heart is in the right place. He has just lived so long that he has eventually found himself on the wrong side of a revolution. He should take a step back; he’s the bully, Hungary is the victim.

Im not that familiar with him but if he does wield the type of inlfuence that some believe him to, do his actions, given the fact that he himself is an unelected private individual, not undermine ‘democracy’ in and of themselves?

Sounds to me like hes basically another Denis O’Brien type-character on steroids operating in the international arena…

Indeed why, when it comes to certain issues, and despite constant opinion polls showing public policy to be way out of touch with the wishes of the majority of the electorate, does said policy consistently tally with the world-view pushed by those within the type of circles that Soros moves within ie the broader NGO/Human Rights sphere? How is any of that ‘democratic’?

Also, why does it seem to be the case that all such super rich social-moulders tend towards a similar world-view? Where is the ‘diversity’ amongst these people’s outlooks? Or does their world view have something to do with their ability to move within certain circles?

He is the bizarro Koch brother/s.

The vast majority of those Soros seems to be helping get into and then stay in Europe are unskilled migrants rather than refugees. They would have no chance of entering most European countries legally so they do so illegaly under the guise of refugees and with the assistance of the likes of Soros, the Irish navy, liberal media. But the most assistance of course comes from the average Joe and Mary taxpayer of Europe who ultimately fund the whole charade

He is also of course helping thousands of social studies students earn nice salaries in the multitudes of Orgs he funds in various countries pushing agendas that are to his taste. On the plus side, I suppose he is helping to keep the dole queues down as a result of giving these people employment!

On the one hand, I do believe that we do need to stem economic migration into Europe. On the other hand,
In the 1930s, facilitating Jewish immigration also seemed to be against the democratic wishes of the people, who were experiencing the great depression, yet does anyone today doubt it was the right thing to do?

Its a completely historically illiterate article written by an Indian, the son of a former senior official in the UN (now a senior politician in India) who came from a very connected and well to do family.

Lets see, 5 of the top 10 Jewish cities in the world are in the US. New York was the biggest until overtaken by Tel Aviv. In 1938 the unemployment rate in the US was still 20% and it had just fallen into a very nasty recession. The questions in the 1938 survey were about overturning the quotas in the 1924 Immigration Act which was even more popular among most factions of the Democratic party than in the Republican party. The Dems at the time being the party of the South, KKK, and anti-Chinese/anti-Japaneses racialists politics. And organized labor was 100% against any increase in immigration.

This was also the time Hitler was engaged in a very public campaign to humiliate western countries entrapping them in PR stunt going on about their hypocrisy over the jews. It was pure cynicism of the most evil sort. The Nazis were allowing out all jews who could pay the ransom. The Nazi P.R campaign was almost totally about the jews the germans could not loot. If the western countries were so concerned about the jews why not take them all in. Thats when the idea of using Madascar was floated for a while.

In the end the Germans only murdered one quarter of their Jews. It was mostly in the East that the millions died. And given that Russia did not allow anyone to emigrate in the 1930’s, which is where most US jews came from, even if the US had set aside the 1924 law, not that many would have qualified. And I cannot imagine the Polish government of the time giving preference to the jews over catholics if the Polish quota had been increased. Which is were most of the rest of the US jews came from.

So just another of the spurious historical analogies so beloved of the chattering classes. Who seem to know remarkably little history. It more than a decade since I read an historically informed article in the WaPo.

As for Soros. Pure insider trading scum. A classic financial criminal and conman. He made is first billion at the expensive of the UK taxpayer in 1991 using his knowledge of the Midlands Banks trading positions to know that the Government would have to either leave the ERM or face a banking collapse. Sorsos made his first billion completely at the expense of the UK tax payer. Full details of how Sorso operated was in the Sunday Times at the time. Since then until the most recent Swiss franc insider trading operation (where he would have ended up negative lots of billions without a very sudden liquidation of positions just before the CHF/Euro peg set aside was announced - which he knew beforehand) pretty much every major profitable trade he has made was based on some insider information or other.

His very public political interference using massive amounts of money is very much in the pathology of these type of people. The hiding in plain sight conman. I notice Tom Steyer is starting to follow the same route. Another billionaire conman who dabbles big time in politics by using massive amounts of his money to finance special interest NGO’s.

Hardly a like for like comparison :unamused:

oh yippee, NGO (answers to questions no one asked, or imposers of unwanted and unnecessary legislation) to be required to register as third parties

Holy Fúq ! :open_mouth:
Worth remembering, they also have ‘charitable’ status.

There’s a story in there for a budding journalist.
If they are allowed publish, of course.

Just let that sink in !

Still sinking…Amnesty Intl Ireland win their case against SIPO.

In other news, while initially unfriendly George likes social media.

This is a most peculiar case and the media coverage is very misleading.

The High Court decided nothing - it was simply informed that SIPO agreed to Amnesty’s claim. SIPO made a very carefully worded statement in court in which it said it

SIPO doesn’t explain how the “process…was procedurally flawed” but it does say about its contacts with OSF - the Soros vehicle - that

. … osf-grant/

So, our laws on electoral financing are eviscerated because SIPO made some unspecified cock-up and OSF did not 'fess up in the exact terms of our statue.

Meanwhile, in the United States of A, they have a Special Prosecutor up every tree in Manhattan looking for Russians interfering in their elections but all they found so far is

The SIPO statement was very surprising I have to say. A complete volte face.
And not a hard question asked in the media about the sudden change of tact. But no surprise there.

of course O’Gorman was out shouting victory to anyone who’d listen

The Irish Times was crystal clear last December

And the Soros money went to

But simple things get complicated when your friends are involved. You see the campaign wasn’t really political, in that sense, like I mean, you know…

So that’s alright then. :blush: … -1.3335146