The George Sroros Thread


two legged Russians bad… four legged Soros good…


the programme for govt drafted in 2016 allowed for a referendum to take place.

I dont donate to amnesty international. I would if they campaigned for the release of political prisoners, sadly they do not.


How would you differentiate between the two? Surely not because it’s a referendum rather than an election? Or because it’s a “good cause”. Our laws clearly prohibit such payments but Amnesty brazened it out and SIPO folded. Now, no one can ever be prosecuted for accepting a foreign donation under this law.

If Robert Muller was the Irish DPP, Amnesty would have handed back the Soros money so fast, it would barely have registered in their account; instead SIPO rolls over because there is no political will to pursue this issue.


No offence but in stating the above you’re clearly blinkered by your attachment to tribe, be it either conscious or unconscious. Of course we’re all guilty of this on occasion but we should still seek to ensure that due process is adhered to.

The Soros/Amnesty issue is deemed acceptably unremarkable on the basis that it simply tallies with the perceived ‘correct’ outcome i.e. The action aligns with the interest of the establishment. In other words that which is deemed ‘moral’ within the current climate.

Of course the act of seeking to ignore due process on the basis of a devotional belief that the ultimate outcome is the moral one is the same approach that the previous establishment to include the Catnolic hierarchy adopted when faced with non compliant members or actions in the past i.e. the Defence of the institution was deemed to tally with the overall common good regardless of the impact on a minority of individuals.

It will be interesting to observe as this new establishment settles into its task of seeking to dispense ‘social justice’ in accordance with the dictats of the likes of Soros and the other globalist social engineers.

As an aside, the Russsian thing is now borderline ridiculous. From Jacobin with regard to the suggestion that Chelsea Maning may run in upcoming elections… … -democrats


I think it is very honest of them to admit that they consider complicity in the cover-up of extrajudicial killings of civilians and journalists is a requirement of holding high office.
Collateral Murder


I’m guessing that our understandings of the term differ. Mine would include the concept of ‘justice’ or in this case equity of treatment with a nod to the underpinning of same by natural law. Yours appears to consist of little more than adherence to a form of legal box-ticking.

Again, see above.

Further, are you really going to argue that the Sipo U-turn stands apart from the broader political climate within which all public discourse is currently conducted?

If you are then you are suggesting that there is a marked difference between an unelected agent, in the form of the Soros network, pushing its broader agenda via the funding of locally domiciled NGOs, and non-Irish conservatives who sought to do similar across social media during the same referendum but found themselves banned by the providers in question…an action that was supported by many (most? all?) of those who are supportive of Amnesty in this instance. This is rank hypocrisy… regardless of the construction of any self-serving definitions around the concept of ‘due process’.

In essence, the only difference between the two is the message both were/are pushing. Indeed, Id confidently suggest that your attitude to the question as applied to both is easily determinable by the stance each took…again regardless of any considerations around due process.

Yes I can. And only a vested interest or someone who is extremely ill-informed could suggest otherwise.

The following is a basic but decent enough outline of the future that Soros and persons such as yourself (either consciously or otherwise) are seeking to chart for Ireland…so woo yourself… … in-dublin/


SIPO told Atheist Ireland it will enforce the law in advance of the forthcoming referendum on the removal of blasphemy from the Constitution.

Atheist Ireland has offers from abroad (no names!) but they have looked into their souls and decided to stay on this side of the law. … -1.3596244

Too bad they can’t rely on another “procedural error” in the process of SIPO’s investigation into how they processed the proceeds of a foreign donation if SIPO proceeded to the procedural phase of an investigation. 8)


Unsuccessful bombing of Nazi collaborator Soros… More than likely a false flag attack which will be blamed on right-wing extremists.
I wouldn’t imagine he personally collects the mail from his mailbox. :angry: … ome-report


George Soros was 9 when the WW2 started. They start their collaborators young in Hungary.


Bombs sent to Obama and the Clintons. None sent to the White house :angry:


He was 14 (remember what you were like at 14), a jew whose cover story was that he was a Christian Godson of a Government official whose job was to confiscate the goods of jews. It doesn’t say he rounded up the jews. He didn’t sign up to do the confiscation either. It was part of hiscover story so he wouldn’t be murdered by the Nazis. He doesn’t feel guilty because he couldn’t decide to stop the jews having their stuff taken. He was merely aiding his protector in something that was happening anyway.


Makes sense as to why he would have a keen interest in seeing Germany destroyed, its a pity he wants the same for the rest of Europe and the US

its a nice trick for him to sell this to people as humanitarianism, the likes of Merkel and co are too dumb to see it


It also appears that he’s funding this migrant caravan that’s heading for the US border. Migrants walking thousands of miles to the border (seemingly carrying very few belongings) is just a photo op. They’re being transported by bus and truck most of the way.


Team tin foil is on the case, can’t wait to find out who is really responsible.


We already know man it’s like the LunatIc left!

Full Moon dude. Tinfoil don’t block no madness man.
They iz already insane in the brain. XX


Team tin foil. :smiley:

We’ll never find out who it is. More than likely some left wing nutjob though. :unamused:


Yeah, probably a Jewish Communist working for Goldman Sachs.


I was merely following orders :angry:


Make no mistake. Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, Leo Verruca and all the other globalists know exactly what they’re doing. XD


No, I think most of them are clueless, clowns one and all

I think Victor Orbán knows, any Hungarian who understands his history knows, Putin knows, and thats why they hate him