The George Sroros Thread


Perhaps you forget the ricin sent to Trump, Mattis and some others a few weeks ago?

I’m not sure it got much media attention, so it was easy enough to not notice at all.

Seems the bombs meme didn’t last even a full day for effect, much incredulity all round, hand delivered too it seems i.e. not by USPS (despite images of packets with postage stamps) . Though I expect it will be cited in ongoing political discourse.

There has been at leat one back track on earlier reports from AP. Even claims CNN said the White House received a package when it didn’t, don’t have links but you can search.

Lots more rapid but cynical reaction, considering the speed of leaks and photos to press and details in place in news media from the get go. Looks like signature narrative building. The same was observed with the Khashoggi story and many other similar type events before. Nicely packaged graphic and complex detail leaked and present in media from the off, all before even an official investigation has gotten out of bed.

The US / Saudi keyword on this now is rouge operators. I digress.

Funny thing actually, is it usual for a former two term president to get so heavily involved in mid-terms like this? Obama’s been incredibly active since Trump took office. Granted it’s a different media age but I don’t seem to remember any of the former being so high profile like this. Maybe he’s paying off a Soros Debt or something?


Victor Orban? the man and his followers are morons riding the gray wave of wish I was still running the country as anyone who can leaves Hungary.


So today there is a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. 10 dead it seems.

Soros claims to be atheist for a long time now anyway.

But there does appear to be some anti- immigrant back story forming around the suspect, and a pro immigrant group called HIAS.

all building to a crescendo for when the caravan arrives and we have a Mexican standoff



You should start with Yuri Slezkine


Great conversation.

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Big win for George here, could make a real difference in 2020


Still along way to go to catch up with Ireland.
From wiki
For elections in the Republic of Ireland, there is no disenfranchisement based on criminal conviction, and prisoners remain on the electoral register at their pre-imprisonment address.[91] Prior to 2006, the grounds for postal voting did not include imprisonment, and hence those in prison on election day were in practice unable to vote, although those on temporary release could do so.[92][93] In 2000 the High Court ruled that this breached the Constitution, and the government drafted a bill extending postal voting to prisoners on remand or serving sentences of less than six months.[94] However, in 2001, the Supreme Court overturned the High Court ruling and the bill was withdrawn.[94][95] After the 2005 ECHR ruling in the Hirst case, the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2006 was passed to allow postal voting by all prisoners

Basically all prisoners in Ireland have the right to vote


But what is the voting rate for prisoners. 10% ?


Isn’t that just great, I wonder who the likes of Graham Dwyer votes for, I assume it’s a party soft on crime, so it must be …who knows, he could vote for any of them


Worlds collide as Gruevski flees to Budapest. Anti-Soros magnetism! … um-hungary


The EU looks like the Soviet Union in 1991 – on the verge of collapse
by George Soros


No shit sherlock. Looks like me and me 'awl mucker Soros are in agreement on this one for a change. Hint: EUSSR :angry:


There was a whole sub-culture of collapsniks saying the same about the US around the time of the GFC, that certain indicators that people saw as indicators of the breakup of the USSR were now occurring in the US. Over a decade later and the US is still kicking arse and taking names.

The EU won’t die, it’ll either morph into something more like a nation state or back into the EEC. I think it’ll be both, with the old Gas and Steel community/Low inflation, strong currency Countries becoming a Nation and us high Inflation nations going back into an EEC arrangement with the new EU nation . European Countries on their own are too weak individually to compete with Asia and America. If the EU collapsed the EEC would quickly be resurrected.

Anyway, If the grand high wizard of the Illumenati is against the EU then we should defend it as a bulwark against Satanism … or something.


Yes that’s true and perhaps exactly why Trump got elected. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening. I think you have to recognise the nature of duality. Hard times produce strong leaders i.e. system balance out, reacts to one extreme by going in the other direction in effort to find balance.

Ireland in such a context is like a ward of court.


I agree, it was one of the reasons that Trump was elected but I don’t agree that the US was about to Collapse just like the USSR.

Anyway the USSR didn’t collapse as so much dissolve and change into new entities. Some parts of it went into the EU. Russia became an Oligarchy. The EU won’t collapse it will dissolve or evolve into something else. All Countries in Western Europe are in the EU to some degree, EU/EEA/EFTA etc

Ireland is not a ward of Court. It could be argued, it certainly is by Trumpettes, that all European Countries are wards of the US. Ireland, as a small Country on the edge of declined power bloc is making strategic decisions based on it’s population, history, geography and the options available to it. They wouldn’t’ve been my decisions particularly joining the € but we had a vote and I was over-ruled.


George Soros Invented HPV Vaccines Using Chemtrails

April 4, 2019 - [BREAKING NEWS](

THE LATEST news reports coming into WWN via our sister site Everything Is An Inside Job News (EIAIJN) has confirmed that George Soros single-handedly devised all modern vaccine programmes used across the world, and in the most heinous example of his villainous ways, used chemtrails to invent the HPV vaccine.

The HPV vaccine, known as a preventative measure against a number of cancers, but more famously known as a causer of austism and a mind control device came into being thanks to billionaire Soros, according to documents seen by EIAIJN.

It is believed Soros began flying his own plane stocked up with chemtrails in the 1980s and had the chemicals float down to a top secret lab into open test tubes where they were left to ferment. The longer they were left in the test tubes the more powerful the mind controlling autism and left-leaning political opinions became.

The factual reports, hand written on a bar mat found on the floor of an unnamed pub confirm what many people have long suspected. The news will come of great relief to concerned parents who do their own research as they now have conclusive irrefutable proof that they were always right.

In a classic move by the Hungarian billionaire, Soros spread the rumour he invented the HPV vaccine using chemtrails as a false flag himself and then paid protesters to protest against him to make the sinister vaccine programme look like it was just a ‘conspiracy theory’. However it is now clear the chemtrail fueled HPV vaccine is a factual theory.

Ah sure you have to laugh: :airplane::earth_africa::bank:


Glad he put those chemtrails to good use. WW is a fine read!