The German Elections

the grovelling irish media will be all over this.

There could be a EUropean broadcaster/journalist/gossip queen/ award in it for them.

Germany’s anti-euro party is a nasty shock for Angela Merkel - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard -> … erkel.html

AEP alert.

I cannot see why some folk here feel shock at ‘Non European’ Europeans in the more fiscially responsible parts growing more than a little jaded at carrying the rest along.
We have a bit of Troika inspired “Me Fein-ism” chafing already - and we are being bailed out!
if our Tax-Euro was propping up other countries like we are being supported, imagine the sentiments arising!

Returning to the original founding principals of the community; if there is no mass genocide and no-one is absolutely destitute then everything is going tickety-boo.
Beyond that there is little need to push the EU as a superstate. The wealthy and responsible countries in europe dislike the EU sticking it’s nose in to their own affairs as much as the less responsible ones.

Ah yes, that well-known Germanic tribe called the Finns, speaking that very Germanic language Finnish…
And yet somehow the Franks weren’t Germanic, nor the Normans?

The Finns and Germans got along very well together for a few years back in the 40s - had a big ‘gathering’ around what was then Leningrad trying to starve and shell the locals out!

In fairness, the Soviets attacked Finland after shelling their own town and blaming the Finns.

A poll suggests that 26% of Germans would vote for a €uro-sceptic party

Merkel’s One Europe attacked by Adenauer grandson -> … ndson.html

German opposition parties warn each other: don’t team up with Merkel - -> … ith-merkel

Reuters: German Chancellor Says EU Nations Must Be Prepared to Cede Sovereignty - Becket Adams -> … vereignty/

Is this not obvious? What is clear in this statement though is the current crisis is manufactured so as to move the federation forward.

EU: All Europeans have a right to social services in Germany -> … schland%2F

That article is just scare mongering. No one goes to Germany to draw benefits. The beamters in Germany aren’t pushovers like the social welfare staff in Ireland.
Hartz IV social welfare is a basic existence and the system won’t give you peace; they keep pushing people to take jobs.

In Germany there are hardly any vacant homes -> … ungen.html

“Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity” - a roundabout version of Occam’s razor.