The Ghost estates of East Cork (PICS)

Following on from the talk of ghost estates in the Midlands, I took a drive around east Cork today and snapped some photos. Included are developments in Mogeely, Ladysbridge, Castlemartyr, Ballymacoda and Midleton.

As you may have guessed, I found dozens of vacant, never occupied houses, all with ridiculous asking prices. Amusingly the development in Mogeely had Sold signs over many of the houses. Forgive my scepticism, but I doubt they are.

I wrote a blog post, and added a dozen or so photos with notes on their location and my findings there: … elopments/

I also added a Flickr set: … 163628893/

Good work my friend!

I think we should have a ‘no comment’ sticky for this kind of thing – an attempt at this has already been made! (A ‘property porn’ sticky might be even better, but it may get the pin into trouble!)

Just imagine the collage we’d have by the time this property bust is over!

Nice work, I could do the same for Galway, I must get the camera out and charge up the battery.

What about a wiki specifically devoted to it? Could be combined with the Google Maps API…

It’s a pity the builders of legoland didn’t have even the tiniest inkling of architectural flair in their genes. Not that it matters anyway, cos most of 'em will be knocked.

Incidentally, how much would it cost to knock a gaff, remove the concrete foundations and transport it to landfill?

More likely they will still be around in 50 years time

I have an idea, how about we hire a coach and bus the tourists around our new ghost estates. :bulb:

I wonder if we’ll see something similar in Dublin with the hundreds of apartments they’re building down in the docklands? It really is an eerie sight seeing completed buildings unoccupied. I’d imagine its a bit unnerving for the locals with more houses than people. I know I’d feel a bit unsettled. When you usually see more houses than people its because the region has been economically hit and people have to leave to find work elsewhere. We’re now building houses in these areas with no reason (work) for people to buy there. Its absolute madness. I think Kevin Costner and Field of Dreams has a lot to answer for in Ireland - “Build it and they will come!”

Great work.
I’m almost glad they are not occupied, they look like something a kid in primary school built.

Why oh why are they terraced or semi’s?
FFS only Irl or UK would this happen, the rest of the first world would be bewildered by these places.
Why dont Irish or British people want detached houses?

They’re all f*ing ugly as well. Fing 'orrible.

Stop me the next time I criticize the aesthetic standards of a Dublin housing estate.

They do, but our absurd planning guidelines demand density. The builders are only too happy to shoehorn them in, as everyone else is limited to what they can put in by the same planning laws, so there is no decent competition.

Why do you think so many one-off houses are built in fields?

Spot on. Is there an a book of 10 designs they choose from or summit?

Was speaking to a colleague from Scotland recently, and he was astounded on a recent walking holiday of the ring of Kerry at the number of new developments and how ill appropriate their location and design were.

What drive me nuts is how so many houses are built on top of main roads.
Is there a planning reason why this is so? At some stage these will be occupied and they will have to deal with vehicles, trucks etc passing a little over a metre away from their front door. Its not safe!

Um, yeah, that would be a planning matter too. Road frontage, dontcha know. That’s why all the ads for fields you see proudly mention their road frontage. Of course, it’s up to the builder what way he wants to put the houses into the site, but the density guidelines mean that he’s going to use every scrap for housing (not to mention the ridiculous premium for zoned land and the plain greed).

It is possible to get planning for a site set back from a road, but you have to fight the planners (at least you do in Offaly!) and point out the relevant portion of the act to them. As far as they are concerned you must have at least 40m of road frontage.

Great work Gavin. Love the other photos on your site as well.

There is a village roughly around the Longford/Westmeath border, can’t remember the name, on the main Dublin-Sligo road. There is recent (2+ years)development of terraced houses. It is a good thing the front doors open into the houses, they are that near to the main road!

BTW Yoganmahew, can you recommend castleplooza? Looks good on the interwebalot.

Excellent work Gavin!

For the last few years I was driving up and down between Derry and Galway constantly, and from Sligo on down there are ghost estates everywhere. Oddly, there don’t seem to be very many in Donegal. But maybe they are all out west round Gweedore and such places. But, inspired by Gavin, I’m going to keep the camera and spare batteries in the car from now on. If we all collaborate we could build up a pictorial record of the massive volume of empties in no time at all.

That’s “Westwind Park” in Rathowen, must be 60 or more houses in a village that had about 20 previously! Last time I past it there seemed to be 3 occupied.

nice 1 gavin
i think i was actually considering buying in castlemayrter some time late in 2006 or early 2007. Because i live in the u.s. i had to do my own research online instead of listening to family and friends. That’s when i stumbled on the pin and thanks to those early regular posters i didn’t throw my life savings away (70k) on some shithole in east cork. unfortunatley some close friends bought in one of these estates and although i tried to warn them it was they who thought i was mad :open_mouth:
thanks again


oh well done son, top blog and top photos’s.

They are exactly the sites i see every week on my travels.
I have been meaning to post pictures of same, but what with 4 kids and all, time is precious.

you may have noticed in your picture of broomfield, (Apartments) that that particular block is just a shell, no ceilings, no walls etc, its stunning.

Broomfield is where i live, and hats of the Mcinerney, i think its a well thought out, and well designed estate, so developers are not all bad!!! . if thats the state of play in broomfield, the market really is tits up.

i pass through mogeely/ballymac/ castemartyre every week end, its like something out of a SF movie, VERY strange indeed.

i cannot for the life of me figure how these houses are going to sell, 1 hour from cork??? not a chance, bring on the bulldozers

well done, lets make these ghost estates a sticky

Borris-in-Ossory in Laois seems to have one or two vacant properties too.

Can’t see much demand for apartments in such a location