The Ghost Estates of the North Midlands.

These vast eyesores in Counties Leitrim / Longford / Cavan / Roscommon and Sligo were built to avail of a tax break called the Rural Renewal Scheme. Most purchasers are still claiming it .

There is, of course, no real demand fro the Ghost Estates , otherwise there would be PEOPLE living in them.

It is ludicrous to think that the Irish taxpayer will be in double jeopardy over these Ghost Estates. Yet its True :frowning:

Having foregone tax breaks to the owners the same taxpayer will shortly have to pay to knock a lot of them down ( not all)

I invite Minister Brian Lenihan and the Revenue Commissioners to plan ahead.

Write to every recipient of a Rural Renewal break and tell them the following .

  1. Thy are invited to withdraw their claim for RRS Tax Relief forthwith
  2. If they VOLUTARILY do this by end June 2008 then the taxpayer will not claim off them for the demolitions if their estate is chosen .
  3. If they continue to avail of the Tax relief after June 2008 the Revenue will take this into account when calculating the Demolition Scheme costs and will claw back the full amount .

Enough !!! , lets stop pretending these are of any use :frowning:

Maybe we should compile a list, start taking photos and post them

Only if the estate is 75% empty mind, many are.

Isnt Adamstown 50% vacant? And thats in Dublin, surely there must be some in the west very close to 100% vacant mark!
Good God they built apartment blocks in places like New Ross, Ferns and many many one street “villages” along the Dublin - Westport road

Must log off before my head explodes

I don’t understand. As a taxpayer, I have already subsidised this crap once. Why should I pay again to demolish these things?:shock:

Leave them standing as monuments to the stupidity and incompetence they represent. At least in that way they will serve some purpose.

[Lots of wildlife will use the estates as shelters in future. For example, there is a shortage of good bat and swallow roosts. Do I feel a grant scheme coming on?:slight_smile: ]

Anyone got any up to date satellite photos?

Frenchpark, Co Roscommon. … =0&m=a&v=2

Dromahair … =0&m=a&v=2

Mulligar … =0&m=a&v=2

Can also get good detail here

Daft maps

Why not build big fences around them and see if other countries want to export their prison populations? The Yanks can rent one out and use it as Guantanamo II. Or maybe various worldwide radical groups can use them for suburban warfare field training, The possibilities are endless :wink:

Demolishing housing is a terrible idea.
The market should be allowed to work and the houses should be sold at whatever they can get in an open market.

There is a demand for everything if its priced correctly. I personally would buy a new house in Leitrim if it was priced at ,say, less than 40k. Not sure how often Id use it but that would be my choice.

Local councils in Newcastle, England sold off houses that nobody wanted, duing the 90s, for 50 pence rather than demolish them. People bought them and turned the area around somewhat. Those houses were changing hands near the 100k mark in the recent boom.

No Jobs locally for these areas and in the coming years there will be even less…
Chickens coming home to roost on this issue of badly planned estates in areas that could not support them locally is gonna be painful reminder of how caught up in the “world class” spin this poor little country of muppets bought into… Greed, Greed and more Greed…sad indeed

what is the solution to these Ghost Estates ?

I think demolishing these ghost estates before the market has had a chance to address the issue might be a bit hasty. Currently three bed semis in the North Midlands are on the market for about €160,000 +. Given time prices will fall, probably to less than half current asking prices.

At some stage these low prices will attract buyers, retirees for instance ( a growing % of our population) from the cities who want to avail of the equity built up in their home; thus freeing up underutilised housing stock in cities. The only problem with this market solution is the length of time such an outcome would take. It might be worth considering some type of information campaign or move assist programme to speed things along.

Hang on a minute. These are all private property so who exactly is doing all this knocking down?

Over 150 years ago, much of post-famine rural Ireland was left with ghost villages to serve as monuments to the folly of strict adherence to Laisez-Faire economic theory.

Over the past decade, a similar belief in rampant consumerism as progress, allied to the perceived righteousness of a culture out and out greed has resulted in similar blights on our landscape.

Rinse and repeat.

You don’t have to go all the way back to the famine to see fine examples of traditional irish boom-bust.

Here’s one fine example abandoned since 1940: … cally.html

what exactly is the problem with empty housing estates.
what harm do they cause?
serious question.

Many simply face vandalism and dereliction 2Gaffs, we may as well plan to get rid of them now.

A small rural cottage will decay naturally but a housing estate will not I fear .

Surely you of all people would deride any notion of servicing the debt by oneself on a number of empty investment gaffs 2gaffs?

(I hope you are not trolling!)

Passed by this recently and the place is a monumental eyesore. Dozens of acres of land in a very scenic part of the country, surrounded by hastily erected hoardings and fences, with a few half-built houses and large earthworks visible from various points along the road. No sign of anything happening there for the foreseeable future.

At the very least these properties should be generating property tax, then the country would be getting some small benefit from them.

If its a scenic part of the country then surely rather than knock em we could bring in the tourists at a super cheap rate? Surely better than knocking them down?

Nope. The Souther European housing markets are plummeting also. In fact it looks like we’ve been passed by the UK and Spain. If I was an old git looking to move out of Dublin. I would Not ever move to Letrim. I would move to Souther Europe. Prices will be the same and it is quicker from Southern Europe to get back to Dublin to see the kids.