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Well said @TheCountryChef, The “Vaccine” is a personal choice, Trying to educate a family member about this so called “Vaccine” but I am lacking vital information that Ireland hasn’t released? We need the excessive mortality rate for 2020? Why has Ireland (only country in Europe) chosen to exclude and not to supply this data? Where can I get the final death rates for Ireland 2020?

The reason why Ireland is excluded is because it is the only country that takes 6 to 9 months to produce any kind of accurate official mortality numbers. Which is why the CSO uses deaths notices from to produce pretty accurate quarterly numbers which it makes small adjustment to about 9 months later when the final numbers from the Dept of Health are produced.

The numbers from show a pretty typical year (2020) apart from the bulges caused by the lockdowns. And at the start of this year caused by the large number of vaccination deaths (> 400) in old peoples homes.

Thanks for that information JMC, shocked at the number of vaccination deaths (> 400) in old peoples homes? So here is the stats from the CSO last year 2020 up until the Q3 (24,367 deaths by Q3). I’m not seeing excessive deaths in Q4 to be more than the average 31,000 / year for Ireland? I guess what I’m getting at is the excessive mortality death couldn’t be more than the previous year 2019? If this this is such a deadly virus that kills why do we have to lockdown the whole country? If I only had the Q4 data to show my family member who will be taking her vaccine soon!

Vital Statistics

Quarter 1 2020

Quarter 1 2020 Quarter 1 2019
Births 14,371 15,893
Deaths 8,674 8,618
Marriages 2,886 3,235
Natural increase 5,697 7,275

The number of births decreased by 1,522 (9.6%) while deaths increased by 56 (0.6%) compared to the same period in 2019.

Vital Statistics

Quarter 2 2020

Quarter 2 2020 Quarter 2 2019
Births 13,527 14,389
Deaths 8,582 7,519
Marriages 304 5,293
Natural increase 4,945 6,870

The number of births decreased by 862 (6.0%) while deaths increased by 1,063 (14.1%) compared to the same period in 2019.

Vital Statistics

Quarter 3 2020

Quarter 3 2020 Quarter 3 2019
Births 14,477 15,379
Deaths 7,111 7,358
Marriages 3,080 7,328
Natural increase 7,366 8,021

The number of births decreased by 902 (5.9%) while deaths decreased by 247 (3.4%) compared to the same period in 2019.

Q1 = 8,674
Q2 = 8,582
Q3 = 7,111
24,367 deaths by Q3
Q4=? Note deaths recorded for 2018 & 2019 = approx. 31,000.

Vital Statistics Yearly Summary


2019 2018
Births 59,796 61,016
Deaths 31,134 31,116

Sneaky, Sneaky!!! - For this year only they assess deaths from March to March, rather than from January to December!

Here’s Ivor Cummins having a look at the Oceanographer’s figures…

Probable mortality figures attached:

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Some great insight -It’s mind boggling the ferocious power they have over scientists and doctors to have total control over their profession. Something very sinister is supporting these criminals.

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IMC brought in Continuous Professional Development. Have to meet certain metrics, training etc to stay on the register. Then (& there were already different categories, trainee, GP, consultant etc) they also insisted on declaration of scope of practice and insurance cover.

So, no CPD, no registration.

No insurance, no registration.

No registration, no right to practice or prescribe.

There is also a subsection where you are registered, but with no prescribing rights (if not within your usual scope of practice).

So quite controlled, and in retrospect rapid changes in the last 10 years.

Also medico-legal payments in this country, and thus insurance, is quite high. A no-fault compensation would make more sense, particularly if paid out over time for expenses, as opposed to large dramatic immediate lump sums.

So doctors are overworked, have more regulatory hoops to jump through, need to stay in the good books, and are scared of being sued if they go against ‘guidelines’ or latest research.

So they stop critically thinking, and start just reacting :frowning: Most I know have taken the vax themselves, and seem to buy into the narrative :frowning:

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That’s crazy, this system needs to be reviewed.