The good news is......there is plenty of new supply.

Past week has seen more new properties on the market in Dublin than any week in the past 12 months as far as I can see.

Link to examples/areas?

All areas.

I thought about posting a link, but anyone who is interested can do a quick search.

I dont have stats on what supply was last week, versus this week, versus any other week.

But myhome is showing 74 new house on the market in the past 24 hours in the €200k to €600k bracket in Dublin. Thats about 70 more than we’ve seen most days in the past 6 months.

My daft and myhome feeds have pulled out a fair few this week alright

That’s a bizarre spike. Any pattern to them? Being a bit facetious, it’s not 70 appartments in the one block in Sandyford, right?

Speaking with an EA earlier… and she mentioned there was an increase on placing coming onto the market. She put this down to kids heading back to school and people looking to move things along while the weather was still nice. Not sure if that can explain things mind.

Ok…maybe i was exaggerating slightly (but only slightly).

Is it bizarre?

End of summer/ start of selling season
Pent up supply given that very little new stock in H1
Spike in prices drawing out new buyers.

Makes sense, just didnt expect it.

Also, sellers may feel that the price spike is temporary due to the mortgage interest relief that is due to expire.

If I was an EA trying to drum up business (and I’m not), thats the pitch I would be making.

I concur. And a few going to auction. Interesting indeed.

So maybe, just maybe some of those rentals have been pulled and are headed into the sales market. It will be easy to tell by the photos if they haven’t painted them up and moved out or in furniture (moving furniture in would be silly)

The reason being at this time of the year many people probably got vacant possession without any hassle as leases ended August and Sept and maybe October too. The typical busy months for students etc etc.

I think there has been a lot of noise about lack of supply.
This to some small degree has spiked prices of some good homes in “desirable” locations.
the spike will bring out the true numbers of houses for sale, the numbers will precipitate the next leg of falls.
entirely predictable imo - although now with the added worry of our Government destabilisation, another factor has to be added mix.

If you could cash out even now you’d be well advised to no? I don’t see another last chance before the reality of onerous property TAXES begin to mount.

It makes sense to me if you have an ex-rental stock on your hands now is the time to be rid of it as it about to become a major liability facing the double whammy of rising property TAXES and falling rents.

My wife and I have started nosing around Terenure/possibly Churchtown in the last few months, exploring the possibility of buying next year

Looking at 4 bed semi D types of houses. Must admit there’s certainly no lack of supply but price differentials are still quite wild

Perhaps Evilal might provide an (independant) update compared to last week.

As far as the Dublin market goes very little change minor upward movement of total availability.

However there has been some strange activity on myhome today.

Perhaps let Evilal comment as I believe movements today are outliers and not typical of normal activity.

Irish people might have taxes foisted upon them but sure if they are unemployed then they will be exempted won’t they.

Irish people don’t want no ECB/EU/IMF German foisted taxes. No thanks. Pack your bags and leave if necessary.

I noticed the same on a myhome feed that I have been running for quite awhile – yesterday had more new houses than I had seen in a long time. Might just be a calendar blip.


Well, first, the housing market always picks up at the start of September in Ireland; and second, I noticed quite a few places on that have been on the market before and disappeared around the end of the spring. I’m guessing that it’s the end of the summer lull comblined with a slight increase in optimism about the housing market.

It’s nice to have more choice, but I haven’t seen much that’s new or any more interesting than the fairly dismal set of overpriced boxes that have characterised the Irish market in recent years.

I saw this thread earlier in the week and thought - maybe, but not in SCD. Just talked to a workmate today who had been a disappointed underbidder in SCD in July. Apparently he got a call from the EA he was dealing with today asking was he still in the market and that the had a number of properties coming up that might interest him. From the way he said it I got the feeling that he was a long way off the final selling price of the property he was after and was kind of surprised at getting the call. I suppose EAs like to keep their lists up-to-date and he had indicated that was a serious buyer by putting in an offer. I believe he is looking in the Ranelagh, Dartry, Churchtown areas but that the house he bid on was in Ranelagh.

For the record - in my favourite demographic - the Ranelagh 3 bed terraced house - supplies are at their lowest since Feb 2010 (4) and the median asking price is at the highest since October 2009 (787k). The 4 places left have been there for a long time - my belief is that they are overpriced and that is the reason they are still there and I will be very surprised if any of them sell at the asking prices. Looking at the figures over the summer it seems that these kind of properties asking less than 500k will clear, the odd one between 600k and 500k and none above 600k.

There is always a short selling season before Christmas but I would be surprised if much came up this year - Mortage Relief, Property tax and ‘The Most Evil Budget In History’ will guarantee few buyers. If anybody is trying to sell in this period I’d guess its because they have to and to me a flood of sellers coaxed out by high summer prices would be quite telling.