The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I’ve had a number of absolutely bizarre houses lately that I wanted to post but had nowhere to do it, so let’s start a new thread.

Feel free to post any unusual or whacky properties that you come across.

To kick it off, a newly listed holiday villa on Costa del Glasnevin: … 11/3316167
14 SYCAMORE ROAD, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
€600,000 - 5 Bed Semi-Detached House 190 m² / 2045 ft² For Sale

Nothing wrong with the house per se - looks like a solid family home by all accounts and probably a fun place to live, but just in awe at the whole thing. From the terrace off the bedroom to the outdoor pool, it is quite literally a holiday villa plonked in Glasnevin!

Complete with guest accommodation (2 bed mews) to the rear.

I wonder what the chicken wire fence is keeping out? Pet dogs determined to have a dip? Chickens? Do they keep ducks in the pool? Foxes? Curious.

Actually - never mind the pool. Why have they stereo solid fuel stoves in the sitting-room?

the fence is to keep out small children would be my guess

swimming pools can be very dangerous

No consideration given to the kiddies who could wander into their unsecured front garden and come to harm in the unfenced garden pond.

Place looks a mess, but you get swimming pool, mews etc etc

I wonder how wide the wide angle lens was on the pool?!!

Ok so “Glasnevin” is one of those elastic areas that stretches far into adjoining neighbourhoods. But this is taking the mickey. Sycamore Road is Finglas.

The house itself is not that appealing on the internal fit and styling, but the space is really what should be the norm

However I think for dreary old ireland that falls into “The Great” and possibly “The Optimistic” for the backgarden alone, a serious fairplay to everyone who made that happen, oh it’s probably in negative equity but it’s a real gem. The rest of the house is hum drum with more space. The back garden has some character.

Swimming facilities are appalling in Ireland like much else and I applaud their simple vision. Even if it’s raining it can be warm enough to have a swim. Maybe it’s heated to a degree! Why lucky kids to be living in that house past, present and future.

Yep, not exactly my cup of tea but fair play to them for doing something different, and for ignoring the Irish weather and building a pool regardless.

Yea, cause you know it’s so dam easy to plumb for the helipad when budgets start to buckle under the pressure. Getting one of the kids to paint a H on the lawn cuts the renovation budget by a substantial amount I’m sure! 8DD

I think that is fantastic (in the sense that its adventurous rather than fantastic I got to have it, take my money). More power to those that owned it and put the effort in.

It’s not to everyone’s tastes but they’ve certainly tried to make use of every available sq foot. I wonder how they got sign off for the downstairs loo (doesn’t there have to be 2 doors between it and the kitchen - given the open place everything opens into the kitchen).

Maybe if they had gone without the Mews/Chalet the back garden would have flowed better.

I think the downlighters are actually the worst thing about the place

Castleville, 12 Sandymount Green, Sandymount, Dublin 4 … -4/2889757

Showing Sale Agreed.

Downlighters… there is nothing good to be said about downlighters.

Looks like Archie’s gaff in Balamory.

Re fences around pools - I thought they were required by law, no?

Just checked. It seems not.

Or house it in a geodesic dome… for all year round enjoyment.

More domes with little slices of paradise inside, … teresting/

In France a pool must be ‘secured’ using either a fence, an alarm system, or a cover. A fence should be tall enough to deter kids of 5 years and under.

Oooh, look at him with all his “in France a pool must” blah de blah. What’s wrong with PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY eh? eh? What’s wrong with “heir and a spare”? If you don’t enjoy the thrill of accidentally drowning your kids here you should move to FRANCE and eat CHEESE.

The house I stay in in the South has a fence separating the area of the garden with the pool away from the house, which young kids could still probably get open, but there is also an alarm in the pool that wakes the whole area if it goes off. Basically if it hasn’t been disarmed before something/someone enters the pool, it goes off within a few seconds - not sensitive enough to go off if a leaf or something comes into the pool but certainly would go off if a child fell in. Automatically sets itself back on if the pool is left idle for about 10 minutes.