The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


McMansions 101: What Makes a McMansion Bad Architecture? … ansion-bad

Design Principles…

  • Masses & Voids
  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm


Ta, that was great! For someone without an artistic bone in my body … I kinda got it!




Yikes is right. An architect built that monstrosity? And all for only 1.6 mil…


Enjoy her take on Betsy De Vos’s summer cottage. Here’s what happens when you combine this level of bad taste with Betsy’s wealth and her new responsibilities as Education Secretary. … nsion-hell


The interior of this houses is AWESOME, like living in a real world Mr Men house on acid! Nor is that intended as an disparaging remark. … n-1728991/

Sure, it’s probably not to a lot of peoples tastes (or tolerable gamut range) but it darn well looks like a labour of love with a lot of personality. A gripping schism of 70’s colour & pattern meets 50’s Americana on a leisurely seaside bicycle ride, terminating in a visit to the veritable bargain bin of Ikea to bag a prize of the perfect finishing piece engaged with all the might, exuberance and innocence of child like joy that should be expected when hooking a duck to win a prize at the travelling fairground of interior Tetris delights.

The question is can yon live in someone else’s labour of love with such loud personality?


After a couple of rounds of the old Ludovico technique, you would actually feel quite at home in a house like that one…

Wallpaper is same design as the carpet in the shining.


Something along the lines of Hitler-house in need of a more fitting title.

Jawohl Herr Kapitan house?

7 iron into the rough house?

Is it a bird?house?


I don’t see the problem.

Give credit for something a little different from the bog-standard semi-d.

Why Hitler?


That is an awesome interior. Love it.
They even have a Theremin in the music room


I agree on the awesomeness. How many people are in the market for 1969 though. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, it’d be a hard house to live in with a hangover.


Does anyone want to buy a used theremin? I haven’t touched mine in years.


4,400 square foot of McMansion in Bannagagole, on 4½ acres with vegetable plot. … ow/4275546


Yay! I got to apply the McMansions guide posted by snaps on the previous page. All boxes ticked.
Things I took away from watching that video:
a) for 4,400sq.ft., there are an awful lot of pokey rooms and awkwardly placed doors
b) the EA has not missed their calling as the next Christopher Nolan
c) the washing machine works


In fairness, the exterior is not awful but the interior is pure Irish domestic folly. 408 sq. M. but they’re still eating off the granite-top island in the kitchen.

The entrance hall is a barn but at least they resisted the sweeping grand staircase.

6 bed, 8 bath - ideal for a B&B. And at less the 200 Euro per sq. foot just over an hour from Dublin, this could be among the best-value houses in Ireland 8DD


Yeah, I don’t think the outside is that bad.

The inside is hobbled by the typical poor quality finishes (e.g. pine flooring) you get when you spend all your country manor budget on square footage.

Never mind the quality, feel the width!


That’s exactly what I did too!

My conclusion from the interior was that this is basically a “bungalow bliss”-style classic Irish layout, just with extra rooms.


These obviously arent shifting at 1.5m, now POA,

some of the ugliest new builds i have seen, they look worse in the ‘brick’ ?

decent value per sq foot but i think church roads days (if they ever existed?) as a premium road are gone and these houses are pretty horrible.

if you wanted to live there and wanted a new build one would imagine balure would be infinitely preferable … in/4213606


I don’t dislike the property so much, but I do dislike the fact that for 1.5m I would have a shared driveway (nightmare) and be overlooked by all my neighbours!