The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Does anyone want to buy a used theremin? I haven’t touched mine in years.


4,400 square foot of McMansion in Bannagagole, on 4½ acres with vegetable plot. … ow/4275546


Yay! I got to apply the McMansions guide posted by snaps on the previous page. All boxes ticked.
Things I took away from watching that video:
a) for 4,400sq.ft., there are an awful lot of pokey rooms and awkwardly placed doors
b) the EA has not missed their calling as the next Christopher Nolan
c) the washing machine works


In fairness, the exterior is not awful but the interior is pure Irish domestic folly. 408 sq. M. but they’re still eating off the granite-top island in the kitchen.

The entrance hall is a barn but at least they resisted the sweeping grand staircase.

6 bed, 8 bath - ideal for a B&B. And at less the 200 Euro per sq. foot just over an hour from Dublin, this could be among the best-value houses in Ireland 8DD


Yeah, I don’t think the outside is that bad.

The inside is hobbled by the typical poor quality finishes (e.g. pine flooring) you get when you spend all your country manor budget on square footage.

Never mind the quality, feel the width!


That’s exactly what I did too!

My conclusion from the interior was that this is basically a “bungalow bliss”-style classic Irish layout, just with extra rooms.


These obviously arent shifting at 1.5m, now POA,

some of the ugliest new builds i have seen, they look worse in the ‘brick’ ?

decent value per sq foot but i think church roads days (if they ever existed?) as a premium road are gone and these houses are pretty horrible.

if you wanted to live there and wanted a new build one would imagine balure would be infinitely preferable … in/4213606


I don’t dislike the property so much, but I do dislike the fact that for 1.5m I would have a shared driveway (nightmare) and be overlooked by all my neighbours!


Sold for 750k … nd-347299/


Another hilarious/depressing collection of McMansions. … ing-county
If all this is happening in Washington State, when will it happen here? She complains about the cost of these houses (around $1.5 M.) but, based on price per sq. ft., these would be bargains in Ireland XX


House on 23.5 acres on a sea inlet facing south in Galway
Really nice, but most expensive.


Explained in one single phrase - Microsoft Stock Option Money…

The house I rented in Seattle was a really nice Modernist house. A bit rough around the edges, it was a self build, but had a first rate architect. It was very large, yet cozy. Quite simply the most homely house I have ever lived in. A joy to live in. and to look at. Both inside and out. After we moved out the owner sold it to some mid-ish level MS guy who had just vested a lot of stock. Within a year he spent a couple of hundred K on “improvements” and completely ruined the place. The neighbors, who loved to drop in for coffee when we lived there, were aghast at the changes. So much so that the new owners were pretty much shunned by all the neighbors for ruining such a beautiful house. The new owners sold on a few years later and the people who bought it were able to undo some of the worst damage but not having seen what the house was like before it was ruined could not restore it.

Its pretty much a given in the Seattle area that if you see some huge hideous McMansion recently built or added onto its probably a Microsoftie owner. The worst example of this is Simonyi’s $10M plus “architectural gem” on the lake just up from Bills place. Its basically Hungarian White Trash Kitsch designed by an expensive architect…

I remember a big spread in the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times around 2000 with lots of carefully lit interior shots. Absolutely hideous taste everywhere. Very very expensive hideousness.


It’s challenging and very intrusive on the lakefront but at least it has a consistent vision to unify all those shapes. It is “Windows 2000” but the windows in this house are not fighting each other, as they do in most McMansions. I’d be interested in seeing the interior. I wonder if the exterior is simply the expression of an interior plan?
[Simony is not “Hungarian White Trash” - his father was a Professor of Electrical Engineering. And Martha Stewart was his long-time girlfriend! ]


Olcovar estate in Shankill is one of those high density developments with parking spaces where front gardens used to be and the colour is predominantly Rational Window Yellow.

The above is a 3 storey 120 sqm unit with 4 beds and three baths. Yet they’ve designed it so that your dining table is in your living room - just like a 2 bed apartment.


You should have seen the inside of the house. Absolutely hideous. Given the normal run of the mill lots of money / no taste sunday supplement pieces run at the time his house was particularly memorable. And not in a good way. It almost reached Madonna Inn standards of gilt edged kitsch. But at least the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, in the good old days, was a genuine joy to wander around. So natural and unforced was its utterly unapologetic style. At Christmas it was like a LSD trip with art direction by a cross between Busby Berkeley and Mary Kay. Intoxicating surreal insanity.

I always thought Simonyi was just the usual back stabbing political survivor who crawled to the top over the bodies of the people he had stabbed in the front. The Microsoft Way. The “white trash” angle was noted by some eastern europeans who worked on the Eastside. Profs in Communist Eastern Europe / Russia were very badly paid and had zero social status. And during the periodic purges were the first to be rounded up and sent to the camps. Know someone whose grandfather and two uncles, all profs in the Soviet Union, died in camps in the 1930’s and 1940’s. So most people with real ability kept a very low profile or became something safe like janitors. Because being one of the “cosmopolitan” class was often as dangerous as being in a Shtrafbats penal battalion.

Ah, Martha, or rather the very upwardly mobile Martha Kostyra. Lets just say that both she and Simonyi came from the same kind of very marginal “middle class” background. And neither gained a cute and cuddly reputation as they scrambled to the top. Martha at least has a very well developed and economic demographically well targeted sense of taste, but neither have any class to speak of. They both try way too hard to leave behind what they once were. So very insecure nouveau. Thats why the Feds were able to bang her up for what was a very minor offense. A more secure person would have trusted the very good tactical advice she was getting. Which would have got her a plea bargain and no jail time.


looking at this picture you wouldnt think this place was right on the N11

nice house but 1.8m to live on the countries busiest road,

no thanks … -4/4294110


Not just the busiest road, but the worst possible spot on the busiest road - right at a traffic light. Think of what happens when the lights go green.

I’d be more concerned with the health risk than anything else.


I like it - set well back from the road so traffic noise will not be to bad assuming good insulation.




Get an extra glaze on every window and the house will be dead quiet.
I manage property (literally) on the quays in Dublin city centre.
Th extra glaze kills the noise.