The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



The Stones, Annamoe, Co Wicklow
€885,000 - 5 Bed Detached House For Sale, BER A3 … ow/3645922


i think thats Paulo Tullios house (RIP)


Like to live in a house-cum-castle in Clontarf? (needs renovation) … n-1247724/


A semi-detached castle, at that! Complicates that construction of the moat that would be part of any self-respecting renovation, of course.


Can see the owners dressed as a king & queen.


715 a sq ft… … in/3564120


This is 'sale agreed ’ now, will be interesting to see the PPR.


I can’t find a single planning application for that property so don’t hold your breath…


No longer ‘sale agreed’.


Surprise surprise :smiley:




I know the location is the thing… but 500k for 60m2 with no obvious way to expand due to small size of back yard… and the classy BER E…


“This is a relatively new property…”

? Can’t be later than mid-80s judging by various horrible features.


Someone just built a brand spanking new property in our estate (which is from the mid-50ies).
The house has all the horrible key features of a ugly 70ies property. I wonder that the architect was thinking, if he was thinking at all.
Another house round the corner (same estate) is very much modern but still fits the overall amenities, so it isn’t like the planners insist on ugly houses.

So don’t assume just 'cause it looks old that it is old.


According to the BER report, 1980, so a mere 36 years. Very new, relative to, say, Dublin Castle, or Newgrange.


I think they got the picture wrong on daft … y-1272533/

here it is on myhome … ay/3692033

#337 … -2/3618791

Not everyday you see internal astroturf.


That’s a lovely cordyline in pic 10. :slight_smile: They certainly have a gorgeous big pond in the lawn, perfect for garden parties, if you have lots of friends (pic 6) and that lawn is just perfectly enormous (pic 5). :smiley:
Still, I would be tiny bit worried about having a Dublin Bikes hire rack in my patio (pic 11). :frowning: I do hope the commuters all wipe their feet before they come through the house to unlock their bicycles, since after all, it would make just such a darling pied a tierre, but, of course, one has absolutely no idea how the neighbours will be in these inner city neighbourhoods.


TBF, mid 80’s is newer than any property in which I’ve ever lived. I think of anything post 1970ish as relatively new.


Ding, ding, ding. And the award for the most Celtic Tiger-y house ever goes to the pet project of Northern Ireland’s (now deceased) second richest man, Edward Haughey::

Dungooley Lodge, Dungooley, Dundalk, Co Louth
27,000sqft (shell building), 256 acres, €4.1 million (or €1.85m with house on only 96 acres) … -1.2751733 … uth/417835

Any takers?