The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Nice field.

The interior one looks as though it ought to be occupied by a turbine for an electricity generator.


Throw a bit of rubble on the ground, squint a bit and the interior shot of the hall and stairs looks like the Reichstag at the end of world war 2. Indeed, the whole thing looks like something from drawing board of Albert Speer.


I don’t get how it was “hailed as the largest residential property built in Northern Ireland in a century” when it’s in Co. Louth?


When did EA’s ever get the address right?


Terrible name.
If he had built further west it’d be “Skyhill Lodge”, a name worthy of any Bond villain.
Could have been worse I guess. To the east is “Hill of Faughart”.


You know despite all criticisms of that monstrosity I have a feeling it will still be standing a few hundred years from now unlike most of the homes in the same price range in Dublin.


Just how do you get planning for something like that?!


I’m torn between posting this here or in grand designs as this is invariably how any of my home design ideas will most likely turn out…
Image 8 … 12/3120577


That’s awesome. Presumably the owners are into cosplay.

Imaging yourself (or your partner) standing in that opening in a superman costume, cape billowing from a strategically mounted fan.


To be honest, I kind of like this.


You can never have too many lights in your kitchen: … 726/#img=3


Very true: … in/3595638


€1,000,000 - 152sqm - 3 bed - 3 bath
5 Maple, Hazeldene, Anglesea Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 … age=&view=
Want. Hate duplexes in general but I make an exception for Hazeldene. There’s better cars parked under there than on the nearby monopoly roads. Wealthy downsizers don’t seem to want to downsize their cars - loving the Rolls Royce Phantom that can’t even remotely fit in its parking spot, and a certain retired banker’s souped up new model S-Class.

Haven’t seen one for sale in there for quite some time - can’t recall how extortionate the service charge is, but I’m guessing it’s on the offensive side since the ad doesn’t disclose it.


Gravel dash and concrete slab balcony and ex-bankers for neighbours? What a dump.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 8DD


Indeed! I’m sure it’d be quite bearable once full of that overpriced Roche Bobois crap that you’re so fond of :smiley:


Looks like a 1930s lido.




House for sale in London. Check out the “murder room” in picture 4 :open_mouth: … 0UVWyQs.97


Wow, that sent a little shiver down my spine.