The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


So you liked it too?

#362 … d-1245049/


€425,000 - 689sq.ft - 0.22 acres
5 Ardbrugh Villas, Ardbrugh Road, Dalkey, County Dublin … age=&view=

Want. Could do something spectacular with this.


The Celtic Tiger’s Galway bolthole: … ay/3718772
Barna Gardens, Barna, Co. Galway, Barna, Galway, H91 X82
€2,300,000 - 7 Bed Country House 7534 ft² / 699.93 m² For Sale


Is that the front or the back?



Front is a bit more normal looking:


They certainly didn’t scrimp on pebbles anyway. 8)


Of all the McMansions in Barna, this is the nicest I’ve seen.


That, yer honour, is the gatehouse. The main house is further up the drive :open_mouth:


Talk about commitment to getting a good photo:

Porsche 356 at Paddy McKillen development in Laguna Beach, California:

Now what appears to be the same car at his son’s new development at Brookfield Terrace in Blackrock


tell you what

those are some punchy prices for bookfield mews, i love blackrock, and its so close to an ideal location,

but brookfield terrace is once place you dont want to drop 7 figures on a house … in/3778529


Think there’s multiple developers building fancy mews houses down there now, so expect to see quite a few 7 figure prices there in future. I suppose with prices starting from €1.1m for 2,110sqft of high-end property, that’s €521/sqft (less if you include the garage, which makes it 2,315sqft total). That kind of pricing for high end, BER A rated, etc. will appeal to someone - not necessarily families, but someone. They say: “Within easy access to Blackrock village, Carysfort Park, U.C.D. Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School and all local amenities, Brookfield Mews are likely to appeal to international buyers, professional couples as well as families looking to trade up in the area.”


absolutely and if it was on carysfort avenue id consider it myself, but brookfield terrace?

No thanks :angry:


actually looking at the exact location its a bit better than i thought and you can probably ignore the rest of brookfield terrace and exit via carysfort avenue

still its punchy 8DD


37A Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6
€1,250,000 … -1.2806296!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg

So much potential.


But with a facade only a mother could love


Easily remedied. :wink:


Could there be some planning reason it looks like that (the missing windows, in particular). It doesn’t look like something that someone would do if they didn’t have to.


Ask James Gandon! They are called blank windows or blind windows - usually for symmetry and proportion. In this case though, they do look like missing windows.


Probably not as there’s two windows at the same level with the same view (of the main Highfield Road) - usually windows would be blank (or just frosted) if there is an issue with overlooking of neighbours. I’d hazard a guess that they just wanted to have more hanging space on the walls of the ballroom and perhaps as those windows are north facing, they opted to lose them rather than the more illuminating south-facing ones. Wouldn’t see any issue with putting windows in there if the next owner doesn’t knock it completely.