The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Words fail me … 376_zpid/#


Genuinely don’t know how to respond to that, or the agent’s comments on it:



PBP/AAA/Sinn Fein would have a canary…

Year Property taxes
2015 $7,135
2014 $7,016


Notice the blue skies and sun in the photo

as compared to an underpowered electric bulb :laughing: in that kitchen


A professional WHAT? I would guess someone laid off from Guantanamo Bay after they scrapped the whole psychological torture thing.


The ugly end if the market. The type of rentals those at the lowest end of the market can look forward to


Isn’t this a poorly-done “guerrilla marketing” campaign for a homeless charity?


SVdP highlighting the type of stock available. I guess it’s just meant to act as a grim reminder…my first flat was pretty grim but that was in my early 20s with more salubrious options available as time moved on. For some this is where it’s at with no foreseeable way out


Reminds me of inexpertly applied nail varnish


Kells, Newmarket On Fergus, Shannon, Co. Clare
€890,000, 450sqm, BER B3 … re/3811770

Relatively normal/tasteful on the inside. The exterior however… a man’s home is literally his castle in this case!


Ah sure don’t we all have at least one Caravaggio reproduction on our walls? :smiley: (sorry, couldn’t resist)


All the new owner has to do is add a moat.


Build cost of that must have been twice the asking.


A large selection of ridiculous houses:

Amazing how those became a trend in the states, really; 6000sqft 4 beds! Presumably for people who REALLY like hoovering.


God i dread cutting my lawn, this thing on the other hand needs a combine harvester :smiley:

nice views and location close to motorway by Shannon


Good transformation of a boring rural bungalow:

Rossbrien Villa, Rosbrien, Co. Limerick
4 beds - 160 m2 … ck/3818453


92 Howth Road, “Clontarf” was asking 850k in April 2016. … 48328.html
Now 650k (-200k, -23.5%) … in-1247724
Still needs renovation, but at least the asking is more reasonable.


Sold for 940k 8DD … nd-239736/


How are those stairs compliant???


924 Bel Air Road, LA. Asking $250 million. Includes fake helicopter.