The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


AFAIK Knuttel “paintings” are not illegal

But I agree, they should be


It’s a bit cluttered?


And terrible editing. Helicopter door closed, now it’s open, now it’s closed…


That house kind of reminds me of a (much, much) bigger version of Jim Sheridan’s house in Dalkey…(he sold it last year) … ans-house/ … ver-e2-3m/


You mean you don’t have a tile saw in the kitchen? Peasant.


Forty Coats is selling up: … n-1304720/


Still looks overpriced. (And that ‘driveway’ they are bigging up in the ad doesn’t look legal.)


could there be a decent house beneath all that trumpery?


And now, McMansion Hell visits Ireland: … nd-edition

The one in Malahide is particularly ridiculous (I suspect it’s in Abingdon, home of many silly houses).


What think ye of this?

131 Sauls Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 … n-1394554/


The new bit is nice. Pity about the 1930s thing glommed onto the side.


The tree could have potential, given time.
It’s a pity someone turned the other one into planks.

Apart from the greenery, this has absolutely no redeeming features.


From the “we couldn’t be arsed to take any even vaguely inspiring photos” school of house-selling … in-1396860


a.k.a. the “The bank is making me sell this” school.


From the outside, it appears such an unassuming terraced house. But take a step inside… :open_mouth: … n-1396979/


My eyes, my eyes!

Sunglasses required.


Derrinlanna House, Creggan, Cornafulla, Athlone, Co Roscommon
5 beds Detached House 420.5 m2 … on/3867113

Pretty spectacular house for the money - certainly wouldn’t build something of that quality for that amount, even ignoring the price of the site. Long list of features:

Strange that the owners are selling. It’s clearly not a Celtic Tiger repo job, as the design/interior looks very new, so I’d guess it’s a case that the owners are completely (and maybe unexpectedly) relocating.


BER cert claims it was built in 2006, FWIW.


Is that a telly above the stove? Minus a million :smiley:


I can’t believe anyone was paid to design that thing, let alone someone claiming to be an architect.