The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


I actually like the design of this house - in completely the wrong place for me unfortunately. I think the internal finish is nice as well.
I’ve never got the Helen Turkington thing although I do wish I’d thought of it. It seems to be favoured by ladies of a certain age (and usually a rural background) who think that driving a Range Rover and getting Helen Turkington to ‘do’ your house is the way to show you’ve ‘arrived’ in Dublin. I wouldn’t think of Turkington as a designer - more like somebody who comes round to your house and fills it with stuff that she sells in her shop - she’s been flogging the same ‘style’ for over a decade now. In this case the ‘style’ doesn’t match the house. I don’t know if there’s an after market for Turkington stuff but you might make back some of the price by taking the stuff up to Dublin and flogging it from your car boot outside Mortons.


I never knew that style had a brand name.
I hate it. It’s sounds strange but I feel nauseous looking at it.


From … in/3871779

What the hell is that on the ‘island’ in the kitchen? Looks like someones nailed a piece of wood onto the end of it?!?


I’m sure it’s fine, if you want your house to look like an anonymous upper-mid-market hotel.


Bit of a cavernous kitchen, as well. Some of the rooms in these McMansions strike me as needlessly, uncomfortably large.


Don’t forget it’s the usual “trick photography”, so the rooms look WAY larger than they actually are.


As the poster above me says, trick photography is very much in use in that picture.
Look at the length and width of the floor tiles in different parts of the floor in the same picture and in the two different pictures. Presumably all tiles are identical, but you’d never think it looking at the photos.


Not for me but this has great potential as a holiday let-Finian’s Rainbow within spitting distance of the airport … 540/#img=1


Unless you’re a leprechaun it’ll be rather cramped…?


Nirvana on Castleknock Road: … -1.3001312

Tackiest thing I have ever seen.


Impressive to wedge a 15m swimming pool inside the footprint of a house.


I understand that the faces in the mural along the swimming pool are the family’s. :smiley:


Could a vaguely liveable house be salvaged from the taste-void that is there now?


Definitely, if you had a requirement for 17 phone points in the master bedroom… :open_mouth:


Redrum, Redrum…


You build a cinema and only install a 40" screen in it?


I don’t think Rooney has been building anything for the last couple of decades.

His last venture gets a mention in an old Pin thread: viewtopic.php?t=36524&p=486274


Says 60 in the article. Still small by the standard of stupidly large TVs, mind you.


Is that value i see? … d-1163276/


When they say bungalow they mean shack