The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


I know I’m being picky but I wouldn’t be able to cope with all the birds sitting on the overhead phone line and shitting on me shack all day long.


Here’s something you don’t see every day: … n-1408769/


“That looks pretty norm-- holy shit”


Mother of Marilyn :open_mouth: … lose-modal


By the way, for anyone who enjoys this thread, a UK forum has a huge one here: … &page=1057


I saw this recently on lovin dublin or the journal! I see the cabra lady also makes an appearance.


Haha. I missed that with so much Marylin going on. I couldn’t fully figure it the first time but they’ve got a tanning booth in the kitchen too. Why go hungry while you’re bronzing?

Actually here’s the non-mobile link … n-1408769/

#468 … lin-statue


This looks roomy. … ow/3973437

1203 sqm if you count the attic and “mews”. :smiley:


Would you not be better off renting rooms in an actual Hotel? At least you wouldn’t have to clean it. I pity the poor neighbour behind them having to look at the arse of it every morning.


Sure that’s only for the staff!! 8DD :laughing:


60 Mount Prospect Drive , Clontarf … n-1478883/


Headache inducing living.


I don’t really understand the purple room. Are you just meant to sit on the tiny couch in front of the giant mirror? Weird.


I assume there is a drop down/pull out bed behind the mirror


Is that Bosco doing the splits on the bed?


1A Lakeland Avenue, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

350k for a new/recent build 120sq.m. detached 3-bed in a mature estate in Stillorgan may seem very attractive in the current market.

But there’s a catch … and it ain’t the missing boundary fence.
I presume you couldn’t get a mortgage for that.


Boundary fence obviously one issue. What’s the other? (I’m sure it’s staring me in the face!)


From the text: “The roof of this property will need to be reduced by 18 inches.”

Good luck!


Eesh! Yes indeed, staring me in the face. That could be a tricky one alright!