The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


If you are looking for inspiration for what to do with the back garden of this property, the next door neighbour’s one could provide some inspiration. … k-1519687/


The expression “Holy Shit!” seems apt for this one.


Heard a good one from a workmate today - he was looking at new houses over the weekend and described one apartment (in Leopardstown I think ) as ‘straight to rental’!


Anyone for a medieval, Game of Thrones sort of style for your living room, bedrooms, etc.? … n-1541230/


Not bad, apart from the ugly couch. :wink:


I’m bidding on that with my sister.


I’ve passed remark on this house’s monstrous (and non-matching) pillars before, and now its for sale we can see what’s inside.

It’s a remarkable snapshot of Ireland in 2008. … 15/4148793




That’s some ugly brick. :sick:
Interior is horrible. I’d like to know who designed this so I can avoid them…


It looks like that because (according to the IT) it was designed to look like a hotel. High fives all round!

Ah, there’s more glorious prose… … -1.3259372

There’s a swimming pool in the basement but it’s not pictured because…

15 minutes from the airport it is certainly not.


I could maybe live with the exterior if the interior wasn’t so atrocious. Eye-juss, as a French girl I once knew would say.


New Fire Brigade Hq anyone?


Are they selling that thing as a gaff or a hotel? Great gaff for a family who don’t like each other.


We should all aspire to needing a pair of binoculars to watch TV.


Imagine trying to enjoy watching tv in image 8.


Jason Orr and Joshua Cantwell could get 350 Brazilians into that place.



House for rent in Clontarf - check out the kitchen you can open up to the elements (make sense in the Irish climate?), and the crazy colour scheme in some of the rooms (hmmm) … n-1797143/


It looks like a puzzle room from the Crystals Maze


across the hall is a blue version!


It’s more like a creche than a home