The "Grand Designs" worthy house thread

OK, enough doom and gloom- it’s time for some property porn. … rk/2782581

This is a lovely restoration of an old water powered mill - near Bantry. I can picture Kevin McCloud stroking his chin and nodding at the work.

Pros - beautiful building, well done interior, large, beside a river, guest cottage
Cons - very remote, in West Cork but no sea views/access

it’s POA on myhome but on RightMove it’s asking excess of €1.25M. I think it’ll struggle to get the price. … 07931.html

Flood risk? Not interested myself, just curious.

Kevin McCloud wrote Grand Designs episode based on fans’ drinking game

I think it’s depressing/amusing that this thread has only one house in it.

Nice house though, and a standard of finish that should be the norm, but is in fact way above average. Some slightly odd touches too that wouldn’t be to my taste. Think I’ll scour myhome to find some other candidates…

Not for sale and in the UK but Ashely Castle refurb is a bit of alright!

Personally I like this one a lot.

Yes, beautiful. I actually went to myhome and put in ‘architect’ as a search term, but 99% of what came up was dross.

that is stunning

Someone is losing a pretty penny on this at €400k… … th/3098729
Charlestown Church, Charlestown, Ardee, Co. Louth
€400,000 - 4 Bed Detached House For Sale

Interesting thread, there’s this place in Adare which would not look out of place on Grand Designs with a pricetag to match … k/1002563/

Here are some images of the recent ‘Room to Improve’ projects - a college contemporary turned professional photographer has taken the shots

Here’s his full website for some great images of modern Irish Architecture

And he does some great landscapes too

Very talented

I know that house and have been in it. Not great, very cold feeling to it.

A house is not a home… where’s that user gone? :smiley:

Someone teach Des O’Malley the basics of text formatting, my eyes hurt


Greetings, and thanks. The pin saved us a fortune.

Do you mind me asking when you purchased?

Might have been posted before: … llionaire/

Nothing helps a good night’s sleep like a constant waft of chlorine in the air. … y/1033231/

crazy price for a bog standard castle (next to a bog)
i wonder how much it would cost to heat this thing

edit: video too