The Grange, Stillorgan Road

I may be behind the times here but has anyone noticed how the Grange, heavily promoted a couple of years back as an exclusive apartment complex in I quote “a sylvan setting on the Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin” is now being promoted as an office block!!

Is there already a thread on this?

Ive noticed that.

My only thought is, the resi sales have not gone well so they have decided to finish off the commercial first.
Could be completely wrong of course, but thats what Ive seen done elsewhere.

Perhaps its just me, but Id hate to pay c€700k+ for a 2 bed apt only to have to share it with some office complex.
Will be interesting to see how that massive development along the rock road pans out. Wouldnt live there in a million years.

Clearly the office space it not shifting, they have a huge 3 story banner hung across the front of it now. I’d imagine the rents on the office space would be interesting as well.

Any idea of the amount of apartments due to come on stream there? Have these being pre-sold or are they going to be let by the developer?

Well there is currently 22 for dent on daft… down from a high of 27 a few weeks back.