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Brilliant article and very accurate.

I really enjoyed reading Matts pieces when he was at The Exile. Hell, I even bought the book when it came out in '99. They caught beautifully the anarchic Wild West spirit of Russia during the '90’s. His weekly column, a consumer guide to Moscow whores, definitely broke new journalistic ground. If that ground really needed to be broken is another matter…

But Matt Taibbi knows shit all about finance and his understanding of history is straight out of Howard Zinn. He is just another inchoate Bay Area lefty with a real facility for words. I read the RS piece when it first came out a few months ago. It is little more than an exceptionally well written conspiracy theory diatribe of the ilk one finds regularly in the SF Bay Guardian or hears daily on KPFA.

A great piece of amusing agitprop to work up a nice lather of self-righous outrage just before you go shopping for Organic papayas in Rainbow Groceries or pop out for a quick Fair Trade coffee at Ritual Coffee Roasters. But if you want accurate and knowledgeable popular journalism about finance I’d stick to Michael Lewis.

What’s funny is that if the “German immigrant” bit was expanded further to say “Jewish German immigrant”, the article would be a standard “Protocols of Elders of Zion” conspiracy theory.

Article was posted here a few days ago:


:blush: Ta. Merged.

Goldman is certainly the biggest and baddest of them all,but who is going to stop them?,I can’t see any politicians or governments in the west doing it,they either don’t see them as the problem or they are already bought by them.

I think it could only be the Chinese who have the power to stop them, but in bringing them down,Goldman and the rest of the Fed banksters would scuttle entire economic system with them in the process. :smiling_imp:

Obama pushing Goldman’s baby: … to-taibbi/

Goldman Sachs responds to Taibbi … -a-chance/

Taibbi responds to Goldman!

And what an excellent riposte it is.

Even if you didn’t finish the original article, read the riposte. I have no doubt that the next Goldman response will be by a .400 hitter. A .325 at least. They should never have sent out a squib; it’s not like Goldman to underestimate an opponent… are they going soft?

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Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) – Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson met privately with Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s board in Moscow last year and kept the occasion off his official calendar, according to a new book about the financial crisis. … qAsBpkiQZE