The Great Bird Flu of 2022 👑

Make mine a Chaos Double Doom MAX, plenty of Mayo!

:crown: PCR test driving the agri-public-health polices and culls… Everything is Awesome!!!


I do still be wondering about how much mRNA vaccines are presently used in the menace just in time global food chain so I do be - Did you ever be thinking about that?

Oh fuck no. I love omelettes. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You will eat zee bugs. animated%20fly


Now that the old Bird is dead…

Lets get this party started!

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Coming after the chickens…

The County Council that brought you deployment of drones to police and hunt down freedom spreaders or breakouts of agents of freedom are on the case.

Between 0:18 and 0:20 this Reptile is giving the game away mixing Canadian with Cambodian…
Egg is the healthiest food of our Realm.

Back 13 years ago they wanted the pandemic. It was stopped by Jane Burgermeister, Piotr Bein and few others. The pattern was flipped 1st the “financial” crash, then the “virus”.
Back then the Menace didn’t have the presstitutes all in line, there were still some independent channels, fast forward 2020 them things were sorted.
March 2020 2 harcore antivax nuts suiceded suddenly in Poland. Few more locked up in psychiatric wards.