The Great Global Warming Debate


Consumption growth in the west, it’s good that it is slowing down, despite manufacturers ramping up on planned obsolescence to reduce the life of products.

You’re missing the point about appliance longevity, it does not matter what the energy efficiency, it is all about the “built to fail” It is very easy to make appliances that are efficient to pass all the laws and to last 20-30 years with some fairly simple changes in manufacturing that could at most add 30% to the price of it. What would you prefer one machine for €900 that lasts 25 years or five machines @ €600.

This is why planned obsolescence is so damaging to the environment.
The solution is for governments to mandate a minimum expected product life and ensure the “right to repair” is open to all.

As for the remainder of your post, I’ll leave that to you and your god to resolve.


Do people still believe global warming or have the people woken up yet?


The Church of Global Warning is the old church, and Coronavirus is like the radical (varaint) new-church that appeared overnight, even though they worship the same entity, it all relies on the new-age of paganism being manifested globally, that has required the re-tribalisation of the world (identity politics) to usher in, the new-old-order as the new-world-order. It’s kind of clever branding but does not stand up to much scrutiny once you assembled all the parts and see the whole. When you do that;

Prepare to be cast as a heretic and persecuted accordingly.


I’ve been hearing the conspiracy theory about “planned obsolesce” as some kind of nefarious scheme by evil capitalists for almost 50 years by this stage. Total bullshit. Invariably by people who have little or no knowledge of product development, manufacturing or business for that matter.

All product engineering is a trade off between costs long term business survival and market competition. The examples you gave are either from many decades ago or else seeing a conspiracy when there was straight forward cost engineering reasons involved. Why build a 50 year power supply for a 10/20 year consumer product. Like a lamp.

I can think of a whole bunch of products I have owned in the past that failed prematurely. Always due to bad engineering rather than some evil scheme concocted by senior management. Why did Walkmans in the 1980’s have the headphone socket directly attached to the PCB board. Because it reduced the BOM and COM by about 3%. Which when the total net margins were calculated, not great with consumer electronics, was enough to make a real difference to the business suitability of the product line.

Why did the first generation iPhone / iPod Touch button fail so quickly making it unusable. Because the guy who made the original engineering decision screwed up. Fixed in later models.

The difference between these examples and the ones I gave with white goods is that white goods and now all consumer electronic will have much shorter life span due to the crank religion of “sustainability” and “energy efficiency”.

Why should I have to trade utility, product longetivity and convenient just because it offends moral sensibilities of a bunch of interfering busybodies and cranks. Dont buy this stuff if you think it is somehow morally repugnant. If you want to lead a morally superior life because you and only you can see through the capitalist conspiracy of planned obsolesce and related issues then so be it. But dont try to force other people to live with a greatly reduced standard of living just because you dont really understand the economics of consumer product manufacturing.

There again there is nothing new in anything you said. The same kind of moaning about how stupid other people buying lots of “useless tat” was being made 2000 years ago. I think I remember Juvenal make a couple of swipes at the great unwashed on this particular subject.


You’re going off on a tangent again, anyway may I present the Dooby Lamp.
Low energy and long life are easily achievable with the right incentives.

The main reason power supplies for most gadgets last so well is simply down to legistration that ensures that they remain safe for their working lives as well as the product they power usually fails first.

The fact that manufacturers are using “green regulations” as an excuse to cheapen & shorten their products operational life is nothing short of criminal! You know that as well as I do, but you’re defending it.


Quality, Speed and Price.

Current Public Sentiment towards the Housing Market

The issue is with the quality, small changes in certain key parts can have a huge difference to longevity, the waste involved in building short lived products is astoundingly large.
A process made worse by manufacturers who install “countdown to death” timers in their products when they are unable to make the physical unit flimsy enough to last the warrenty period and fail shortly afterwards.


Transport & Environment estimated that about 50,000 people a year in Europe die prematurely because of pollution from the shipping sector as a whole.[9][8] This primarily affects people who live in harbour cities.[8] In some cruise ports such as Southampton, children may be exposed to the polluted air when school’s playgrounds are located near the docks.[8] In Marseille, residents have been diagnosed with respiratory-related cancers at abnormally high rates after the cruise industry boomed.[9]

Aside from the locals, measuring has shown that passengers themselves are also exposed to heightened concentrations of nitrogen oxides during their voyage.[6] For example, Canadian environmental researchers, which had secretly conducted air quality tests at various times and places aboard four Carnival Corporation cruises, reported in 2019 that they ‘found that levels of ultra-fine particulate matter at the back of the ship behind the smokestacks while the ship was moving that were comparable to some of the world’s most like Beijing and Santiago.’

reviewed the emissions of 77 cruise ships (almost the entire fleet in European waters), concluding that only one of them, AIDAnova, was not powered by highly polluting heavy fuel, but relatively ‘clean’ liquefied natural gas (LGN), which reduces NOx and particulate emissions by about 80%. However, even though shifting all cruise ships to LGN would be very beneficial to human health, LGN also contains methane, which is a very potent greenhouse gas and would increase global warming significantly.[6]


So 50k die a year from pollution, but don’t change to gas, even if you’ll reduce the deaths 80%, because it might get warmer and sea levels would rise.

Sea levels will rise and fall, its like fighting the tides. Anyway the Dutch live below sea level.

The stink of it all


Electric, carbon neutral cars were never going to be enough…


And to think that Eamonn Ryan is a moderate among the greens? smh. This is the guy who fifteen years ago wanted us all driving diesel cars.


Have you any actual experience of the product development process, manufacturing or even businesses that sell to the consumer or end user? That has customers.

If you cannot sell your product you have no cash to make payroll and you are out of business.

If you cannot sell products that survive in the market place, people dont keep buying your product but your competitors, you eventually go out of business. Your employees lose their jobs.

Over the last 100 years huge amounts of data has been collected on customers preferences, how they change over time, product use, product preferences etc. The two most important numbers are how much people are willing to pay for a product of a certain quality, and how long will a product be used before being replaced. The both change over time. Both going lower over time due to increasing affluence and technological improvement.

The longer a product design lifetime the more expensive it is. Due to capacitor rot and related problems a 30 year powers supply is at least 5 times more expensive that a 10 year power supply. Because removing a few cheap capacitors with something that will last much longer is actually very expensive. Now when that power supply is coupled with a consumer product whose typical market lifespan is ten years…

And so on.

The problem with all “Green” regulations is that they are the result of a political ideology held overwhelming my affluent middle class self-righteous busy bodies who have little or no understanding of large parts of the modern economy, technology, or even science for that matter. And the Law of Unintended Consequences is completely beyond them.

The Greens/Ecos pass laws and regulations which actually make consumer products more fragile and with shorter effective life times. And the consumer product manufacturers build exactly to those regulations. Its not the consumer product manufacturers fault I cannot buy a new washing machine that will last 30 plus years, washes effectively, and is easy to repair. It is completely due to government green regulations. Which is why my next washing machine will be a refurbished old one. Made when manufacturers could still build purely to engineering specs, not some crank politically motivated regulations.

Actually thinking back over the last four decades I cannot think of one single regulation or law passed purely for Green/Eco reasons where I thought - “now thats a good idea.” Its always been - how fucking stupid are these people. Every single reg was head-shakingly stupid and always caused unintended problems down the line.

Here is a perfect example which will be in the news again soon. The Green / Ecos ultras decided that all man set fires in California needed permits and environmental impact reports. Even though the landscape was manged by man-set first for at least 7 thousand years. Because of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions were “evil”. Result almost all controlled burns ended (impossible / too expensive to get permits) and two decades later large parts of the state now burn every year during the dry season and most of the state has the worst air quality in almost 100 years. And the biggest single loss of old growth forest and valuable ecological areas in over 140 years. With no end in sight because it will take decades to undo the damage done by the “green” regulations.

And the point is? Green/ Eco politics and every regulation and law it creates has the same catastrophic long effect as that other ideology of collective stupidly, Marxism. Good intentions and nothing else, always causes mayhem. One way or another.




Ryan sold out to WEF years ago.



Why would 80% of us live in cities when most can now work from home


Yea, I was reading this stuff 20 years ago so when you know the origin Ryan is glow in the dark flourescent green at this point. :whistle:


All Movie.


It’s absolutely brazen now