The Great Global Warming Debate


Any chance it was ISIS?


A good, short, pithy summing up:

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Greta Thunberg murals are popping up everywhere. Some great artists out there.


Different day. Same technique. One agenda.

Even Moses was warned about this kind of malarkey, ya dig?

If ya still don’t dig.

An dTuigeann Tú?


Did not see that face on walls here so far… We are having our little patriotic graffiti momentum on our walls, e.g. official govt building in my city,,Mural-PokoleniaNiepodleglej-na-budynku-Archiwum-IPN-we-Wroclawiu.html

I guess its just a matter of time before one appear somewhere especially with recent media brainwashing storm.

I was watching yesterday more on recent nuclear power plants development. All because my son asked me is it true they are super dangerous… Somebody at school told him they are very dangerous so I want to show him some informative stuff which he can manage to understand.

What i’ve learned is:

  • 10% of world power is from nuclear atm, but big chunk of it is soon (20-30 years) to be closing
  • The nuclear histeria (and cheap gas) is keeping govt/private away from building replacements in USA, however China is building a lot of them, next is India I think.
  • most plants are gen II, China is building gen III
  • TerraPower a Bill Gates company is pushing to get investors into gen IV, apparently China was willing to help them build demo reactor, which supposed to operate bit differently and produce less waste, be … you know better. However its being blocked by the trade wars drama.
  • ITER builds huge Fussion research plant in South France and yes we are still 50 years away from having Fussion Power :wink:

I am really amazed at Germany. They plan to close their nuclear plants, yet they still have 40% coal dependency. I am afraid the only reason there is no nuclear power plant being built in Poland yet is because of Tusk and his behind the doors agreements with Merkel when he was in charge.
Apparently muricans want to sell Poland everything these days, F-35s, more rockets plus both standard and small modular nuclear reactors…



This sounds faintly ridiculous. Which bit of the solar cycle is bringing this weather? What’s the time lag? Here’s the current cycle:

The peak to trough difference in irradiance is 1% for a normal cycle, less for this weaker one. The difference between the winter of 18-19 and 19-20 is a tiny fraction of that.

I’d suggest it’s more plausible that we’re seeing a breakout of the polar vortex, similar to the second half of January. That’s associated with a weak and meandering jetstream swooping low over the continental US (and Ireland), which in turn is associated with … global warming.

Ooh … look!



Too many cattle causing climate change…

Oh nevermind we’ll increase the amount of cattle and import soy feedstocks so the land can carry more… and export to china

Anyone actually think emissions will be reduced to the amount that are allegedly needed?hmmmmn


Saoirse McHugh revealed her true colours recently in the Journal - turns out she’s a red under the bed. If the answer being promoted is communism then this starts to fall back into traditional political fault lines?

I do however agree with several observations that accelerated consumerism - ‘mine to landfill’ and ‘built in obsolesence’ chasing profit is a big problem - but when your sniffed at for not scrapping a 3 year old ICE car for an electric one then we are not getting anywhere.


Two great physicists in this video, Palmer being one of the inventors of ensemble model weather forecasting and climate modelling. But it’s all strangely unsatisfying, especially when they get to talk about model uncertainties starting at 13:30. Condensing down the overlong answer, Palmer seems to be saying that the divergence in outcomes in the IPCC reports is down to ignorance, not proper scientific uncertainties.



How do you simultaneously take the world out of poverty and decrease total co2 emissions?


I really don’t think that providing basic infrastructure would generate that much CO2, it should be possible to provide most of the relatively low energy requirements from renewables anyway.

In reality, just a minor reduction in consumerism in the developed world would offset any increases in CO2 emissions in the undeveloped world as a result of providing these basic needs.


You gotta be kidding. Developing nations want more than one naked lightbulb and a transistor radio. World energy use is going to increase 50% by 2050 (source: EIA). By 2035, renewables will supply no more than 10% of energy, while conventional sources will also have gone up considerably.

It actually doesn’t matter what we think of IPCC predictions, or whether we think the world will warm by 1.5 or 4.5 degrees. Energy use is going to explode regardless. And all current renewables have very poor relative performance when measured by energy density, land and materials usage, and energy returned vs. invested. Here’s a vid which, in spite of being by the climate skeptical GWPF, consists of just hard numbers. It’s by a former chief advisor on energy to the UK gov. It makes you realise that we can only hope for a benign outcome to global warming, because we simply aren’t going to be doing much to mitigate it.


Yes, I get your point, but it doesn’t have to be that way, we in the west simply consume far too much energy.
The wastage is phenomenal, shipping stuff half the way round the world just to save a few pennies instead of local manufacturer, forcing employees to drive long distances to work due to lack of local jobs or lack of affordable housing in areas that the employers have set up shop. The list is endless.

Why should Africans emulate the west and make the same mistakes, growing their economies to feather the nests of financiers is not the best way to do things.


I am pretty sure they will not import stuff from cheaper countries… they are on the end of the scale.

When it comes to long commute, rich vs poor there is a real class and security thing, so they are doing it now. The real question is whats going to happen when middle class will grow and decide to detach from the bottom slums in same way… (or maybe its already happening).

In respect to the video, its interesting, especially the China and future growth of Africa:
He said about 800 coal plants being built at the moment, I found this which maps it i think:



"Francis used a Toyota hydrogen-powered Mirai, customised with a stand and handrails. "


Alarmist nonsense, the gasses are cycled the same way as methane recovered from manure. Buried near the bottom is the revelation that some of it is sequestered as sediment… so the possibility that this could mean less greenhouse gas emitted to the atmosphere exists.