The Great Global Warming Debate


New south Wales:

Collecting firewood inside parks can degrade habitat and biodiversity, while bringing firewood into a park can introduce pests and diseases


  1. Collecting firewood in parks for use off-park is prohibited.

  2. Collecting timber for firewood is allowed in backcountry (more remote) areas, in any park category, except where it is:

  • prohibited by a park plan of management
  • prohibited by a sign or notice
  • for commercial gain
  • for use outside the park boundary.

Victoria (colder than Ireland in alot of it during winter so people have stoves and fireplaces and would collect for non camping purposes). It’s alot more convoluted in terms of rules here…but more amenable to collecting wood

You will require this permit if you intend to collect or remove firewood from council land or roadsides. Firewood collection areas are designated by your local council and in some areas, firewood collection is only permitted in Autumn (1 March - 30 June) and Spring (1 September - 30 November).

Firewood can be collected in State forests for home use in designated places at specific times.


Interesting read


Label the next drought or whatever as climate change and unleash the millions.



Inside the scary mind of the Extinction Rebellion cult. And why are business consultants over-egging the worst possible outcomes of climate change?



Hundreds of mm of rain in parts if south eastern Australia the past couple of days. Breaking drought in some areas…

weather warning now in place for an huge 1000km stretch of the coast from Sydney to Brisbane.
Sydney has had its wettest period since March last year with 70mm falling on the CBD overnight. More rain has fallen in six hours than has fallen in the last three months combined. The Harbour City could squelch its way through its wettest 24 hours stretch for years today.

A 2000km stretch of heavy rain caused flooding across Brisbane and southeast Queensland on Thursday with the weather system forecast to spread its way right along the east coast and hang around for days.

If the Bureau of Meteorology’s upper rain forecast is correct, Sydney could see just shy of 400mm of rain over the next week, which is more than three months’ worth of rainfall.

Flood warnings have again been issued for New South Wales and Queensland, with experts fearing an incredible 500mm of rain could be dumped on some areas over eight straight days.

By early Friday morning, Cape Byron – the easternmost point of mainland Australia – had received 272mm of rain in 24 hours – a feat not seen for 46 years.

Parts of Queensland are forecast to receive 500mm of rain after totals of almost 350mm in less than 24 hours.

The Wide Bay region has been hardest hit, with Mount Elliott recording 342mm between 6pm Tuesday and 1am Thursday.


Regrowth on kangaroo island after rain, check out the photos


Bad news: global warming is real. Even worse: it’s going to have an economic impact.

BUT … climate has a negligible economic impact today and it’ll be even smaller by the end of the century because we’ll be so much richer (as long as we don’t crash the economy with knee jerk reactions to climate change).






‘The only solution for climate change is letting the human race become extinct’

Anglia Ruskin professor Patricia MacCormack has written a controversial book on how our extinction could save the planet


Climate campaign group Extinction Rebellion has posted footage on social media reportedly showing French riot police dousing activists at an airport protest with pepper spray.

Video shows an officer spraying several people as they sit with their arms locked blocking a road at the site in the south-eastern region of Chambéry.

The demonstrators were calling for a reduction in flights at the airport.

No flights were disrupted, but the protest led to a build-up of traffic.


At what point do you wake up and realise all this is pushed by pure EVIL, when it’s too late?

If you can not see from that one photo she is a Witch then go search her name on the net.

I didn’t need to, while I’d never heard of her, but if you need to, because you do not trust your eyes, do it. She is a Witch and these people are espousing pure EVIL.


What do you mean a witch? As in witchcraft?


Its little point to all this - even if emissions stopped today, the effects of emissions to date are baked in.

If they should be complaining about anything, its the relative efficiency of cars v air travel.

There’s been great strides in jet engine technology…ICE, not so much.
Now that Tesla is coming up, investment will shift to electric - which is still going to be more efficient overall, but will take years, decades, to replace the current infrastructure.

Other things we should be looking at; food security, and an increase in military spending.


BBC News - How do you compost a human body - and why would you?



I guess the 'awl fire is not great for your carbon credit rating, unless maybe you can work up the points during your lifetime so you have enough saved up for a flaming send off!

Maybe the Greens if they get into government, will enact a Carbon Credits Cremation tax scheme. :whistle:

Spiritually this equates or reduces the concept of human life as nothing more than food for the planet to be consumed by the planet in the cycle of life, it’s subtle misdirection, but it is a misdirection none the less.