The Great Global Warming Debate


Just to be a crank aren’t bogs I Ireland a geologically recent thing and something people could have caused or accelerated with large scale deforestation by the first farmers that arrived after the ice age?

Also just to be a crank again has anyone set a Lower bound for co2 or if someone comes up with something to suck carbon out of the air they’ll be Happy as it drops to zero and in doing so ending life on Earth as we know it?



Needs to be a whole lot warmer to tackle the virus


So why has the virus affected Australia in mid summer?


Possibly air conditioning, possible heat makes no difference. Only time will tell now



It seems to me the biggest flaw is the need to pump out the entire volume of hundreds of rivers that drain into the North Sea and Baltic. Is that even technologically feasible? And since you’re going to utterly change the ecology of the basin anyway, if it is feasible why not drain the whole thing and reclaim a million square kilometres of land? You’d need some hefty reservoirs for flood control. And I guess it’s easier to lift the water a few metres from the top of the North Lagoon than from the bottom of an eighty metre North Trench.


Theres evidence that the virus is not as sensitive to increasing temps as the flu. Even the flu doesn’t entirely disappear in summer.

Covid seems to be more similar to MERS in that respect. Only time will tell.


Both are feasible, depending on cost, but its like the by now old plans to drain the Med, you reclaim a large amount of land but also create new deserts to the north of the Med

I only posted to video to show what some people are thinking about, I have no doubt the Dutch think its a good idea, so long as the cost can be spread widely enough, in theory the EU could get it done over a few decades

Changing our world on a massive scale is possible, but not always a good idea


The coronavirus shutdowns are not enough apparently. Going emissions free clearly will not happen without huge government intervention. Will it happen?



BBC News - Bangladesh overfishing: Almost all species pushed to brink


Michael Moore’s latest film, Planet of the Humans, was released on the internet last week. It has clocked up over five million views so far. In classic Moore style it is full of hyperbole and short on details. But this is one that the left is going to hate – it’s about the alleged green energy scam.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to take seriously. There’s hardly a single figure in it, let alone the sort of Life Cycle Analysis that you would need to substantiate the claims about wind turbines, solar panels, biomass, and the various other technologies that Moore takes potshots at. In fact I knew more about some of the subjects before I watched it than the movie itself added – such as the air force biofuels that cost thousands of dollars per gallon and Vinod Khosla’s high tech green ventures that never produced a single drop of commercial fuel.

Ultimately it’s a very pessimistic movie. It offers no solutions except a bit of a handwave at population control. Maybe it’s because the narrator thinks we’re all doomed that he never even once mentions nukes.

The movie is here:

Here’s one leftie reaction I found. It’s even more annoying than the movie. It’s equally short on facts but loses me altogether when it accuses the movie of being “too white”, and full of “white middle-aged people”.


Tried to watch it. Gave up after 10 minutes.


Why’s that? Short attention span? I found it quite interesting and entertaining, although not very informative.




He’s not in it though.


Yea, the guy narrates at the start in his own voice, but it sounds like Moore wrote it. (which makes it more annoying.)


The film was written, directed, and produced by Jeff Gibbs. Moore is the executive producer, basically the film’s chief promoter. He didn’t write it.


Okay, I’ll give it a try again when I’m in the mood for a depressing documentary.

The introductory monologue did sound (to my ears) exactly like Moore’s style of phrasing.

They’ve worked on other features together so that could explain it.

You have to wonder, if 0 solutions are presented…what’s the purpose of making the documentary?