The Great Global Warming Debate


Eamonn Ryan from that link:

“The switch has been made and it’s agreed in Government,” the leader of the Green Party insisted.

He told the Seanad today that the days of new motorways that “go out and out and out” were over

Having people living in the centre of the town is not only good in terms of addressing the housing crisis, but it means we don’t have to build out and out, and we don’t have to pour all the cement for the new pavements and the new water management systems, and the new schools, and the new everything that goes out and out and out.”


After rising steadily for decades, global carbon dioxide emissions fell by 6.4%, or 2.3 billion tonnes, in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic squelched economic and social activities worldwide


Watch your carbon footprint



I’m telling ya. It’s 60 odd million they want.



Co-living, save the environment


Today’s housing crisis stems from a lack of land – get rid of cars and the problem is solved immediately – JH Crawford

Crawford’s argument is that cars significantly reduce social interaction. “The places that are most popular in cities are always the spaces with no cars,” he says. They may be parks, squares or pedestrianised areas. He says that in US cities like Houston and Dallas, as much as 70% of urban land is given over to parking. “Today’s housing crisis stems from a lack of land. Get rid of cars and the problem is solved immediately.”

Cars were the problem all along, apparently


The Amish don’t have them. Felt they removed a sense of community as people would head off for the weekend, or to places further afield for the day.


First Australia, and now Texas is also running out of land, I suppose Russia will be next


Also from the article:

Oslo’s Marcussen appreciates the argument that taking away someone’s car is to interfere in their freedom, she argues that “in many ways not restricting cars is limiting freedom of other people.

Another good one:
there is growing demand for new convenient mobility options; services such as Uber and Lyft are drawing people away from public transport, as may autonomous vehicles. “In the end, they’re still cars,”

In the Great City Chengdu Master Plan, everything is walkable. There are no cul-de-sacs and there is a high number of intersections which make it very easy to get around by foot or bicycle. There is also vertical connectivity, with bridges between high rises. The Great City suburb, which was designed to house 100,000 people, is only one square kilometre across and it would never take more than 10 minutes to walk from one point to another.


I’m seeing an increasing trend among greens that cars = bad even if electric

It’s all about pushing people into high density. Are developers funding this crap? A person’s environmental footprint is not the size of their dwelling and everyone has an impact in terms of farmland, mining etc

And 100,000 people in a square kilometre. These people are dangerous.

Unfortunately I believe that corporate interests have taken control of originally well intentioned organisations. People are so brainwashed with global warming climate change crap that they’ll side with people who think you should own nothing be happy


I assume when you say “own nothing” that you’re referring to property.
At the moment is appears that corporates are trying to get us to buy as much stuff as possible and throw away the “old stuff”!
Just look at the requirements from Microsoft for running the new windows 11, they would consign almost all computer hardware over six years old to the bin.

At least the “right to repair” legislation is becoming law in some places

But property ownership should not be a climate change issue, but sardine housing would have a minimal impact on the environment compared to suburban sprawl.

Having said that, sardine living is not healthy and would lead to all sorts of social issues, there has to be a middle ground where smaller suburbs can be serviced by a decent PT system and not be car dependant

As it is, I agree that corporates with government support have completely hijacked the environmental issue to ensure that consumers continue to consume and discard as fast as possible, thus frittering away all their future savings and eliminating themselves from the “property owning classes”.

Property ownership is definitely reverting back to the pre-modern industrial era (19th century) when the only property owners were the professional/managers and above, ordinary salaried staff had no chance of ever owning property.


I was referring to the world economic forum quote "you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy "



Feb, 2021


There you have it now.

You will own nothing means you will own nothing.

You will be happy because it will probably be illegal to be sad.

Welcome to the Reservation.


Ah yes, Dr Evil. He missed the second part of that quote, “while we will own it all!”


Eamon “share johnnys” Ryan, demonstrates his Swiss Army Mask.

You too can clean your glasses with your mask. This really isnt a good look

Video @ Src: