The Great Global Warming Debate


When planning for a successful transition between two different forms of technology or in this case power generation & storage, it s strongly advisable to ensure the replacement systems are fully up and running before decommissioning the predecessor.

Build the new first!


The Famine/s were (centrally) planned outcomes.


You can’t have a privately owned car , even if it has zero emissions, because the latest fad is that tyre and brake "emissions " are going to kill us all now


Using a popular family hatchback running on brand new, correctly inflated tyres, we found that the car emitted 5.8 grams per kilometer of particles.

Compared with regulated exhaust emission limits of 4.5 milligrams per kilometer, the completely unregulated tyre wear emission is higher by a factor of over 1,000,a%20factor%20of%20over%201%2C000.


That’s just traditional mechanical brakes using pads. Electrical braking will be implemented to much reduce that problem. Another incremental improvement in air quality will result and then the next problem will be highlighted as the big one to be solved. Maybe light pollution from indicators…


I’m baffled by that one in fairness. A new tyre weighs about 10kg and some quick research on the web indicates that the weight loss on a tyre going from full new tread depth to fully worn down(or slick) is about 1kg.

It seems to be suggesting that the 5.8grams per kilometre is coming from the tyres. That would be 5.8kg of tyre loss per 1000km or 1.45kg per tyre assuming 4 tyres. The tyres are completely worn down in about 700km.

I’m guessing there’s more being counted here than tyre particles…possibly road dust etc.


It’s just outright dishonesty

I have tyres by these guys




Free trade agreements with Brazil’s bolsanaro is a spit in the eye of anyone who wants to be more green.

The hypocrisy and futility


I remember biofuels being blamed, but that never took off. Convenient to blame?



Cows, pigs and other farm livestock in Europe are producing more greenhouse gases every year than all of the bloc’s cars and vans put together, when the impact of their feed is taken into account


@Open_Window- This is a thread I have never once looked in 12 years.

But now I fear the Greens because I don’t see them as quirky bike riders or useful mudguards for FF FG. They’re Eco Totalitarians - all of what they want to achieve requires totalitarian control over society. They are the Workers Party of the current day. And in a coalition they will sign up for any non environmental policy in order to get further totalitarian control as a quid pro quo.

As I regard them as every bit as dangerous as the Stickies I must think of concrete ways to lessen their influence.



So the head :ghost: over at RTE has apologised for not reporting last week decent weather as a terrible climate change crisis event, as covered here, Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix

Back on the twitter machine, the 76’ers are rubbing it in.

Video Posted here:

The Greens can only dream of such optics, though I almost think it might finish them off, 3 months of good weather! Oh the humanity of it all!!!

More here on that 1976 heatwave:


Most of the “climate change/global warming” debates are in my opinion the biggest attempt at “look, a seagull!” distraction ever. Get everyone discussing things that they are unable to change while diverting away from the root causes of many of the environmental issues today.

Namely, globalisation exporting pollution from rich countries to poor ones, implementing policies that encourage the destruction of natural habitat encouraging the wasteful practice of transporting goods halfway round the world that could easily be made down the road.

Encouraging migration from the fertile breeding grounds instead of educating birth control and so on.

Globalisation is the elephant in the room, climate change is the diversionary flag.


Solar cycles (and a moon wobble!) and possibly some geo-engineering are mostly responsible for the recent extreme weather events and volcanic and seismic activity around the world. But of course it’ll be used an an excuse to implement some extreme “carbon reduction” policies including “climate lockdowns” etc.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Blaming Moon wobble & Solar Cycle is tinfoil hat stuff.

Extreme Carbon Reduction is desperately needed.


Globalisation is not the problem, Consumerism is the problem.

Whether stuff is made in Ireland or China does not matter, we need to close the resource loop.

Climate change is the consequence of consumerism that is driving resource depletion and pollution.


That’s a lot of dead bodies right there.