The Great Global Warming Debate


It is in it’s bollix. :icon_beer: You’ve been had mate, big time.


Are you one of the Maynooth ‘experts’ by any chance?


And saying that a 0.0001% reduction in a second order trace gas (system effect < 0.1%) will fundamentally change the world climate is not profoundly stupid?

I suppose you also believe that 5 or 10 molecules of some magic substance will cure diseases. Like they do in homeopathy.

There has been no climate equilibrium for the last 4.3 billion years or so. Since the earth had a stable atmosphere. Although most of the Mesozoic came close. 30,000 years ago Dublin was under a mile of ice. 5,000 years ago Dublin had a climate like the south of France. 300 years ago the climate of Dublin was pretty much like Bergen. And in a few thousand years it will be under a mile of ice again.

Even if humanoids had continued banging rocks together in caves for the last 30,000 years that pattern of the current glacial / inter-glacial would have continued its inexorable path. Changes in the continental configurations and massive volcanoes eruptions change the climate. Only the ignorant, credulous or deranged believe that minuscule amounts of a trace gas can “change” the climate fundamentally in short time frame. Its about as scientific as homeopathy or astrology in that no causality mechanism can be shown, all predictions are wrong, and there can never be any independent experimental proof or verification.

This is how scientific “climate science” is. Their standard model for calculating the average surface temp of the atmosphere assumes a physical model where the equilibrium temp of the gas interface with solid / liquid layer surface is only dependent on the instantaneous radiant heat from the surface layer. The actual temp of the surface layer is irrelevant. So they ignore largest part of the heat transfer mechanism over time. Conduction. If you are calculating very short term changes in local temp in a gas, that assumption is reasonable. For weather forecasting. But for system equilibrium temps and long term changes those equations are meaningless.

So when you create a actual full system model and plug in the temps of the earth surface, 281K continental crust, 284K oceanic crust, the “Greenhouse Effect” constant value of around 33K becomes something around 4K. And every single one of the “climate science” models collapse into pure noise.

Not the first time this has happen either. All political motivated science is junk. You should have seen the knots the Marxists Economists tied themselves into during the heyday of the Soviet Command Economy. Caused a virtual collapse of grain crop production in the 1970’s.


Globalisation is the parent of consumerism! Globalisation is the driver behind the consumerist industrial transfer of resources from quarry to landfill as fast as possible, you cannot separate the two.

People (consumers) have been brainwashed into buying stuff that’s been made on the other side of the planet cheaper than local for decades now. No one cares about the environment when it comes to opening their wallets.

Globalists have exploited that for decades by getting factories built where there are few Health & safety regulations, local governments willing to turn a blind eye to the destruction of their local environments just to see some money come in. Sure the industrial heartlands of northern Europe are now far cleaner, that’s because the factories have gone rather than cleaned up!

With many billions spent on advertising and some of the richest business on the planet being direct beneficiaries of consumerism, nothing is going the change soon.

People will continue to be blamed for their choices without addressing the underlying root cause.

Solutions include:-

Demanding products that can be repaired, with reasonable priced and available spare parts.

Products that last far longer than the present stuff that is churned out, 25 years for a car or washing machine should be expected.

Products should be available that are not overcomplicated, many of the current cars on the market have so much complexity that they are far more likely to be scrapped due to the dashboard screen failing than anything else, or some electronic module that requires a specialist car electrician to diagnose. Something that few people will bother doing on a 12+ year old car that’s in otherwise perfect working condition.

Diversity in production is vital as well, to reduce the reliance on only one plant to make a critical component or source material in the manufacturing process. We have reached the situation where one fire on one Chinese factory could disrupt the global supply chain, as no other factory on the planet makes this material.

Globalisation also enables the exploitation of the remaining areas of the planet by enticing locals to destroy their forests etc for beef farming and other industrial processes just to make the meat a few cents cheaper in the supermarkets, thus encouraging extra consumption.

People (Consumers) need to be (re)educated into thinking about the environmental impact of their purchases. Something that in reality will not happen when so much is spent on advertising that encouraging the opposite.


Antarctic ice at high levels




Is there any reason why temperature, independent of humidity, is used for measuring something posed as civilisation ending?

To measure the energy in the atmosphere you need to take humidity with temperature. You get different temperatures for the same energy at different humidity levels.

So max temperature records are a bit silly without it


Sea ice levels at this time of the year are very difficult to trend well as we’re in the summer rapid melt phase. For environmentalists, the important figure is the maximum spring level usually the last week of March that is used to shout “global warming”, or for alarmist the Autumn end of melt in late September “ICE FREE ARCTIC” if this figure ever gets to zero. The end of winter figure this year is near the minimum levels recorded since the late 1970s.


When it comes to pre-built desktop PCs, while the CEC does allow for higher power draw for systems with discrete graphics and other power-hungry components—systems made after July 1, 2021 are restricted to a max power draw of 75 kWh/yr with some wiggle room based on the specific config—it seems a number of high-end systems from other manufacturers may soon have to contend with energy regulations, too.

OK, so you buy a high powered gaming system, how many hours a day do you use it for? Can you simply run it for shorter periods of time, what are they basing the 75KWh/yr on?

Probably just end up with a faster renewal cycle as older GPUs are thrown out to be replaced with newer ones that have more bang per watt.


Yep. Never to late to get busy. Push back.

They are however just the useful front for the long game operation. It should be plain to see all the politicos inc. are fronts for the long game operation.

Property is a God given right > The Great (Panic) Reset (Button) - Buckle Up for 2021! 🍿

The lines are drawn.


Yup. Humans are totally responsible for the plastic and other pollution, as well as destroying a shit load of habitat, even here in Ireland, but I think a lot of global climate is down to the sun.


Well, yes if you consider that the planet is 98% solar powered, the reminder caused by geomagnetic heating which is also solar powered.

But worth remembering though that much of the local warming is caused by local human activities in that area, remove the trees and replace with concrete will cause temperatures in the place and surrounding areas to rise significantly above the pre development times, also remember that most of the weather stations used to measure climate change are located close to developments.

Floods are mostly caused by bad river management, remember when we had floods a couple of years ago, many of the houses were build on flood plains and others were in areas that flooded after water was diverted away from towns by flood prevention systems.

But the shout “climate change” is made as it that magically diverts the problem away from the local people directly responsible for the actions that caused the higher temperatures or flooding.



Watch your carbon footprint everyone, it’s clear that people like Obama and Trump do


I stopped eating beans so… less gas production.

Every little helps!



Next WAVE, Climate Change DOOM WAVE

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All on message today.

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If you think the injections are not part of this plan, think again.


As usual, no mention of the role played by big globalised corporates who are only interested in lining their shareholders pockets. The excessive consumption that they perpetuate with their policies of rapid transfer of resources from quarry to landfill with each and every step requiring huge amounts of energy.

It’s no wonder that things are going south with no realistic chance of resolution, not while the people who pull the strings are looking the other way.

  1. Increasing CO2 levels are beneficial to Greening of the Planet

It is little appreciated that the increasing CO2 level is actually beneficial to the greening
through photosynthesis of the planet, and therefore may be beneficial to feeding the global
population as it heads towards 9‐10 billion.

This has been verified by several researchers, the first being Myneni, who established from
satellite observations that there had been a very significant greening of the planet between
1982 and 2015 (see Figure 41). Further studies [50,51,52,53,54,55] have shown that the
increased CO2 level also reduces water requirements of agriculture.


Climate Change is another Strawman Mass Psychosis.

Stick it in the ground and let it decay back to where it came from eh…

The New Religion

Repent before the altar of new-truth-and-reconciliation, repent!

The managing director of RTÉ News has apologised that the national broadcaster did not link the recent extreme weather to climate change.