The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble … oat_Bubble

In written format: … oat-bubble


Fairly meaningless parody of bubble mania IMO. The basic issue about how the profit was originally gained by killing goats doesn’t make sense.

This play, (now entitled The Great Goat Bubble) is taking place in Galway during the current arts festival. I’m going to see it.

Here’s a description of it: … stival-mix

Not available as a podcast, this is just a link to the expired Listen Again. :cry:

I saw this play this evening.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the author were a Pinster.

It certainly didn’t help that a wave of sleepiness hit me - reoccuring insomnia acting out- a half an hour after it started, but I have to say I didn’t find it funny at all.

That said, my companion liked the play a lot and there were a fair few guffaws throughout from the audience.

It wouldn’t be fair of me to review it, given that I almost nodded off on a few occasions - no fault of the play’s.

Saw Julian Gough, who if he sweats, sweats grey matter - very smart guy, at Listowel earlier this year, reading a short story about the ‘iHole’ - very clever piece of work, with an interesting life of its own. He is a man of opinions.

Is that the same Julian Gough of Toasted Heretic fame?

“Who?” say the younger Pinsters…I’m feeling me age this week after discovering one of the barmen in my local was born in the year I was doing me A-Levels :open_mouth:

The very same.