The Great Irish Housing Famine of the 21st Century

I shall open this axiomatically titled thread with a quote (lifted from elsewhere I assume) from esteemed fellow pinster catbear whose signature declares quite boldly;

Might I add those who pinster, are doomed to discuss doom, for like forever man! Welcome to The Great Irish Housing Famine of the 21st Century thread. This is the thread where we might find ourselves witness to both a Housing Famine and a third Property Bubble burst in grotesque synchronicity… It is, 11 years after all since we began this humble penance. 8)

The idea behind this threads title is an inspired synergy of many threads over the last five years leading to this the inevitable results of artificially asphyxiating housing supply by hook or by crook, which presents itself as a literal accommodation famine analogous to previous supply collapses which involved another basic and inalienable human need, namely food; on the island of Ireland.

A good and most recent example is this one here, titled: “Help to Hoard”. You may knock blocks off the premise or you may build the case up, either way this is the thread folks…


We can’t blame the Brits this time either for exporting our housing crop.

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While I don’t think emotive language such as a housing famine is going to do anything to resolve the issue, you could argue we exported the skilled labour required to produce it.

The University accommodation cry out is a bit of a self-inflicted one. Surely, the brightest minds inthe country could resolve some of the bottleneck if they applied themselves.

Remote online lectures/tutorials with only the need to attend once a week/fortnight for a couple of days.
Broadband hotspots in each county for those in need. A joint effort by Universities.

One week on, one week off campus allowing accommodation to be split. Cram the lectures in and assignments for the next week.

Lots of options.

In my area, I can give two examples of where the council are dragging their feet.

  1. New development under construction, there were issues with drainage that prevented builder from completing the internals. Fair enough, but they are not allowed to complete internals until council sign off. This work is complete about 6 weeks but, you know, it’s August. Meanwhile, the purchasers of these units are all losing their minds online as they are in a chain or waiting hoping the landlord will give them an extra stay. Or, the bank will still allow them to draw down.

  2. A 2006, Celtic Tiger development has been 85% completed, Approx 100 houses left to complete. The old stipulations required developer to massively fund a part of a Ring Road. Planning requirement from 11+ years ago. Council won’t budge. Not worth developer’s while though they tried to negotiate a reduction in rates.

If the council were more proactive, you would have almost 200 more units in this town.

University accomodation is the easiest to solve.
Many have sufficient space on campus to build apartment blocks.
Furthermore the profit made from these rentals could go back into the university for additional infrastructure investment.

There exists a phenomenal opportunity for these institutions to both help their students (& parents), as well as raise additional funds for various projects.

So why isnt it happening ?

I often read people declaring that there is “not enough supply”, but never saying how much is enough, or describing in any detail a vision for what Ireland or Dublin should look like.

Supply creates demand, and the elasticity is particularly pronounced in a small open economy which pragmatically welcomes immigrants and babies but would be unable legally to repel or prevent them even if it wanted to.

What is the “right size and shape” for Dublin? Is there another capital city that provides a template, and is it possible to get from here to there even if there was the will?

Not intending to to detract from the main point of this thread but NIMBYism is strong in Ireland. We don’t do bigger picture.

Build up - You’ve got Taisce to deal with

Build out - Well… 900 groups to fight Cork City expansion

agreed; Central Government has fucked up but not the only villian:
e.g. in todays IT … -1.3193268

Our young people can always emigrate to find cheaper housing and plentiful supply…they do things so much better over there where the grass is greener. … ing-crisis
*Auckland’s housing supply and affordability crisis is proving devilishly hard to fix, partly because the high prices that should help solve the problem have found at least five ways to make the problem worse. * … 5ef0ae6369
AUSTRALIA’S housing market remains in significant undersupply, according to new research, with the home construction boom still years away from mopping up underlying demand.
The nation is forecast to have a shortage of about 250,000 homes, and while lower than previous estimates, the shortfall will remain above 200,000 beyond 2018.

Stopping inward migration would solve the issue, but of course that’s a taboo subject!

Careful now ! Down with that sort of thing.

I wonder how many migrants and their dependents
1 got a council property over the last 20 years
2 are currently on a local authority housing list
3 are getting rent allowance
4 are in emergency accommodation

For a first thing Trinity should be moved OUT of Dublin City Centre for all courses except say medicine where they may need to involve students going to hospitals for experience.

It was founded according to Wiki in 1592. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. They own a shed load of land in Dublin City Centre. This should be swapped acre for acre with a green field site with an allowance for building a new campus.

Why is Dublin zoo where it is move it and use the 69 acres its on to build one block of offices for the civil service and consider moving the Dail and Seanad out there as well. Less congestion in the city centre. Rinse and repeat with RTE and other public lands like bus stations etc.

Heard this evening from someone looking to rent currently in Dublin that some landlords are charging people to view flats …

Why isn’t it happening ? Eh because some of it is daft. Students in Trinity don’t cause congestion - they walk, cycle and take public transport. UCD is a souless, insular place full of grotesque architecture and blueshirts. Moving it out of the city centre was a crime.

We don’t need daft ideas. We just need to do what works in other cities. We definitely need to stop listening to Irish planners. They’re under-skilled, half educated, doctrinaire clowns

So the CSO data says that net migration is basically neutral?

Where is the immigration fueled demand coming from?

The supply side must really be fucked. … april2016/

I call absolute BS on the migration/census figures.
5-7 years ago we had a glut of property available across the country. Rents were collapsing and Paddy/Bridget were emmigrating.
How can we have got to where we are now without high volumes of immigration, it simply could not be anywhere neutral.

Pat Kenny discussed this the other day and cited the CSO figures which he obviously has faith in. So his explanation was little Paddys/Bridgets moving out of home and looking for places to rent. And yet all we hear in the media are stories of people moving back in with their parents to save a deposit!!!

Quiet a backlash against that ad and they have apparently pulled it and apologised. The social media generation didn’t like that being put under their nose!
It was very patronising

It deserves parody
“Orla and her boyfriend stopped renting and…joined the Night’s Watch”. #winteriscoming